Friday, February 27, 2009

Video tour of Falling Rock Tap House Denver

If you're a craft beer drinker and have ever been to Denver then the Falling Rock Tap House is probably on your must visit list whenever you're in town. Normally during special tapping parties or beer festivals, the Falling Rock Tap House is usually packed with people and it's hard to get a seat let alone a beer.

During my recent visit to Denver for the 2009 Beer Drinker of the Year last Saturday, I decided to top off the afternoon with a visit to the Falling Rock for a beer and some food. While the Falling Rock isn't known for their food, they are known for the best craft beer selection in the Rocky Mountain region.

This place is on the top beer places to visit before you die. I can see why. Don't go for the atmosphere, go for the beer selection. There are well over 75 beers on tap alone including some specials that are there for just a limited time. If anyone in Colorado is going to get a special keg of beer, it's this place.

While I had just missed getting a new glass of Ska's new Modus Hoperandi, I settled for a nice glass of Avery / Russian River's Collaboration Not Litigation ale. It's a nice Belgian that always fits most any mood I'm in. I was already in a good mood so this beer hit the spot.

I grabbed one of their 1/2 pound burgers and chips and while I know it's not the best food in town, I was starved and just about anything tastes good with a beer when you're hungry.

If you've never seen the inside of the Falling Rock, I put together a short 2 minute video of my visit. Just admire all of the various beer taps and bottles that they have on display here. There's been a long history of great craft beers tapped here. I look forward to coming back again with more friends and exploring more of their fine selection. If you can't view it below, watch it on YouTube.

Well worth the visit. Best to visit on a non-busy night.

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