Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Avery makes plans for sweet Sixteen

In Avery's own words: Finally, we're SIXTEEN! Old enough to drive! All by ourselves! Dad, can we have the keys? No really, we'll totally take care of her - keep her clean - fill up her tanks - show her off to our friends and let 'em see what she can really do. Really? Thanks dude! Promise to make you proud. Now to go find Jasmin, Peches and Miel (girls names).

These are the lines etched onto the side of Avery Brewing Company's upcoming Anniversary Ale. Avery is turning 16 this year and once again will be gracing their loyal followers with a special anniversary ale.

This year, Avery is coming out with Sixteen Saison Anniversary Ale, a special Saison (French for Season). Avery describes this brew as follows:

"Well, we got her started and decided to add a few things to the tank. SIXTEEN is a harmonious combination of jasmine, peaches and honey fermented with an unmistakable Belgian yeast strain all weaving a marvelously spicy and fruity, massively estery and dry, saison ale. Thanks to all of you for the most excellent 16-year joy ride!"

SIXTEEN should be debuting sometime near the start of summer, just like their other anniversary ales did. In the past, Avery has tried to out do themselves each year since their 12th anniversary with a different and unique brew. Here's the rundown on the past anniversary ales:

Twelve: a Belgian Saison (different spices than 16)
Thirteen: a Weizen Doppelbock
Fourteen: a dark dry hopped ale
Fifteen: an experimental Brett ale (won a medal at 2008 GABF)

If Sixteen is as good as it's predecessors then it should be one of their best brews yet. Sixteen is slated to weigh in at a respectable 7.89% ABV and come in large 22oz bomber bottles. It should be a beer worth waiting for.

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