Monday, April 13, 2009

Victory Prima Pils review

Victory Prima PilsToday I'm wrapping up a 3-day beer sampling from Victory Brewing. In my last two reviews, I tasted the Victory HopDevil IPA and the Victory Golden Monkey. In today's post I will review the final brew in their variety 12-pack - the Victory Prima Pils.

Let me just say up front that I'm not much of a pilsner fan any longer. Ever since I gave up my macro lager days and switched over to more flavorful craft beers, I've mostly avoided drinking pilsners. In fact it's been over a year since I last reviewed a pilsner (Left Hand Polestar Pilsner). So, going into this review I wasn't expecting to be overly impressed but I wanted to keep an open mind just in case.

Instead of using a pilsner glass, I chose to drink the Prima Pils from a Sam Adams custom glass. I felt this glass was good enough for most lighter colored beers so I went with it.

Appearance: The Prima Pils poured a medium pale yellow color that built a small 1-finger tall white head. There was plenty of white lacing although it appeared to be quite slippery and could not stick to the glass at all. This brew had plenty of carbonation in it despite being 3 months past it's "Enjoy By" date of January 2009. Perhaps this is why this beer was on sale at my local store. Despite this, the beer still looked good enough to drink. It looked identical to your typical macro lager but I still wondered how it would taste.

Aroma: Instead of getting a bland pale malt aroma, the Prima Pils offered up a distinct hop aroma. It was slightly biscuity, grassy and citrusy with a touch of floral in the nose. Victory used a combination of German and Czech whole flower hops in this brew in combination with a good amount of 2-row German malts. The hops and the malt gave this brew an inviting smell. I knew from the smell that I was going to get more than just a common pilsner in this tasting.

Taste: Once sipped, the brew instantly covered my tongue with sweet malts. There was very little bitterness in this brew. It initially reminded me of the belgian-like Golden Monkey but without the stronger yeastiness. This brew was clear and crisp. No sediment in this brew. A very sessionable beer as it weighed in at just 5.3% ABV.

If I closed my eyes, I could swear the smell was reminiscent of an IPA and had some hints of lemon in this brew. Yet, it was a touch on the sweet side but was balanced just enough with the hops. The Prima Pils was light and refreshing but with a bigger taste then your common macro brew.

Overall: Pilsners are hard to judge. They are also hard to mess up (brewing wise) yet are more difficult to make remarkable. This beer was good and very repeatable but as with most pilsners are, it wasn't very memorable. This beer would probably taste best very cold on a hot spring or summer day. I'll give this brew a respectible thumbs up. Don't expect to be overly impressed with this beer and you won't be disappointed.

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