Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day rained out except for the beer

Rain - it's par for the course this year in Colorado. Work days have been nice and just when you get ready for the weekend the clouds come in and it rains most of the weekend. The entire month of May and also the tail end of April has been this way. But fear not, the weather is only damp and humid one month out of the year and the rest of it is dry, dry, dry.

It wasn't bad enough to ruin my projects around the house, however. I mowed, raked some dead spots and prepped parts of the lawn for re-seeding, dumped some ant bait to try to get back control of the yard from the 6-legged army and finally seeded and watered in the yard. Then it rained. At least once per day this weekend we got a good soaking. Unfortunately, it rained during prime BBQ hours, so we got carry out or fixed our own this weekend.

Thank goodness I had a good stock of beer. I've got several bottles of homebrew brown ale, the last of a 6-pack of Ska True Blonde Ale, a couple of Sam Adams Imperial White and the last of a variety pack from Victory Brewing.

The beer was reserved for watching sports. At least the Rockies finally won a series against Detroit but went back to their abysmal ways at home against the LA Dodgers. The Denver Nuggets had two home games verses the Los Angeles Lakers. Game 3 was much the same as Game 1 - the Nuggets gave the game away late. Game 4 is underway as I write this entry with the Nuggets struggling to hold a double digit lead.

Memorial Weekend means so much to everyone. It's a time to honor our dead, our veterans, our family and a time to get together and fly the American flag. For me, it's a time to take a well deserved break from work and reflect on my life. My family always puts our USA flag up outside our home. We love the flag and our country and it's always good to show your patriotism, especially during times when things are tough.

While the weather was doing it's thing, I took the family on Saturday to see the movie "Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian". I had seen the 1st movie previously and was just OK with it. I wasn't expecting much from this movie but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the sequel. Sequels rarely live up to the original but I think they did a better job with this movie. My family got a kick out of the flick and we all left happy.

I'm very grateful for our holiday weekends. Work will always be there. Writing this beer blog has been very therapeutic for me. I'm sipping on a nice golden Belgian ale while I write and watching the closing moments of the Nuggets game. (Nuggets win 120-101!) What could be better? I hope all of my readers had a great holiday weekend. And for my readers overseas, I hope your weekend gave you the opportunity to enjoy a good craft beer. Thanks for reading. I hope to have a lot of updates coming up over the next several months.

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