Friday, May 22, 2009

Mountain Sun sites feature 4 Cardinal Virtues

Mountain SunThe following news was drawn from the most recent May newsletter from the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery out of Boulder, Colorado. The three Mountain Sun brewpubs, Mountain Sun (Boulder), Southern Sun (Boulder) and the Vine Street Pub (Denver) are proud to announce a new series of Belgian-inspired ales. Four beers, named for the four cardinal virtues, are currently being released at all three locations. For Belgian beer lovers, this will be a not-to-miss series of brews.

Prudence — Currently available at all three pubs

The second offering in the virtue series, Prudence reflects the spirit of independence and creativity that is embodied by the breweries of Belgium as well as the Mountain Sun. This beer is brewed with a heavy dose of Belgian Pilsner and Vienna malts, as well as 60 pounds of Orange Blossom Honey. The floral sweetness provided by the honey balances with the spicy, dry finish of the Belgian Yeast.

Fortitude - Release Date: Monday, June 1st, 2009

Inspired by the classic Tripels of Belgium, Fortitude is deep golden in color, highly effervescent, and boasts a clean, dry finish. Utilizing only two malts and one hop variety, this beer showcases the complex fruit and spice flavors contributed by the yeast. Don’t let the light color or drinkability deceive you. It’s over 9% ABV.

Temperance — Available on June 22nd at the Southern Sun

Initially brewed in honor of Vine Street Pub’s first anniversary, this beer showcases an intense flavor profile while remaining easily quaffable at 5.6% ABV. Inspired by the great beers of Belgium as well as the crisp hoppy pale ales of America, this beer is a harmonious blend of American hops and Belgian yeast, balanced by a strong, effervescent, dry finish.

Justice - Release Date: Monday, June 22nd, 2009

The final installment in the virtue series, Justice reigns supreme. At approximately 9.5%ABV, this rich dark ale is one to be savored. With hints of dark fruit and raisins, and a deep mahogany color, Justice hits the tongue with a complex malt sweetness and finishes with champagne-like effervescence.

Taste all four side-by-side on Monday, June 22nd at 4:00pm At The Southern Sun.

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