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Restaurant Review: Texas Roadhouse - Greeley CO

Texas RoadhouseLiving in Greeley Colorado is a truly unique experience. This quiet little Northern Colorado town has had quite a history over the years. I moved here 25 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. During this time I've seen many restaurants come and go. One restaurant that has been open for nearly half of those years is the Texas Roadhouse.

Ever since I can remember, this place is always busy. I don't mean semi-busy either. This place is always packed no matter what day you plan on visiting. Due to it's tremendous popularity here in Greeley, I always take my family early in order to avoid waiting in line for dinner.

I visited Greeley's Texas Roadhouse last week and brought my wife and oldest son here in honor of Mother's Day. The place was busy as always. We arrived just after 5pm and were able to get one of the last open tables right away. The Denver Nuggets were playing a playoff game this evening and many people's eyes were glued to the widescreen TV's scattered around the bar area.

I typically order a huge steak here when I come as I always know I'm going to get a great piece of meat here. On this occasion I chose to order a nice tall beer to go with my meal. Here at the Texas Roadhouse, the beers don't just come in pint glasses, they also come in huge tall glasses.

Tall GlassThis restaurant isn't known for a big beer selection. Most of the beers they serve are the garden variety macro beer. My son ordered a Budweiser and I asked our waiter what other brews they had. They had some Fat Tire from New Belgium and they also had a couple of brews from Samuel Adams. They happened to have their seasonal Samuel Adams White Ale available and seeing how I had never tried that brew before I ordered one. I also ordered a nice big 12oz Sirloin and a "loaded" baked potato to go with it. Our waiter left us with a basket of buttered fresh baked rolls and a bucket of peanuts to munch on while we waited.

When our beers arrived, I couldn't help notice how much more color my white ale had over my son's pale Bud. I offered my son a taste of the Sam Adam's White ale and he seemed pretty surprised on how good it tasted. I'm trying to get him to open up to different brews, but seeing how he's just 22 and tends to buy whatever's cheap, he doesn't have the luxury to buy the most expensive craft beers like his dad does.

Samuel Adams White AleSamuel Adams White Ale is a Belgian-style Wit beer. The brew is made from pale barley, malted wheat and Munich malts along with some orange and lemon peel, grains of paradise, coriander, anise, hibiscus, rose hips and a few other spices. The main hop in this brew is a noble Tettnang Tettnanger hop.

The brew looked just a bit cloudy as Wit beers tend to be. It was golden in color and was well carbonated off the tap. This for me is a fine example of a craft session beer. At 5.4% ABV, it's a bit higher than your typical brew but low enough that you could enjoy more than one. My brew came in a very tall 22oz mug. This brew was very enjoyable and seemed to go well with the meal I ordered.

Now as for the steaks here at Texas Roadhouse, I don't know what they do to their steaks but they are always the most tender, juicy and flavorful steaks I've had. I'd put their steaks up against anyone else's. I like my steaks medium well. Cooked just enough to leave only the fainted hint of pink in the center. Every time that I've visited this place the steaks were always top notch. That's probably why this restaurant is always so crowded. That and the fact that Greeley is one of the biggest cattle slaughter towns in the nation. We've got tens of thousands of head of cattle just east of town and the meat is as fresh as you can find anywhere in the world.

It didn't take me long to devour the steak and potato and the beer went down really smooth as well. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the Wit beer but after a long winter drinking nothing but dark beers, this brew was a nice change of pace that I think I will enjoy all summer long. It's gotten me interested in trying other Wit beers now.

If you've never been to a Texas Roadhouse then you really should try one in your area. There are several restaurants scattered all over the country. Come hungry and you won't be disappointed. The store here in Greeley is really one of the best restaurants in town. I look forward to coming here again.

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