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2009 GABF Colorado individual medal winners

2009 GABF Colorado medal winnersColorado was well represented on the medal list at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival (GABF). In all, Colorado won 49 medals, or roughly 19% of all the medals awarded. Grats to all the home state winners! Way to represent! Here is the list of individual medal winners from Colorado.

2009 Colorado GABF Medal Winners

AC Golden Brewing Co.DunkelCOBronze European Style Dunkel
Avery Brewing Co.The KaiserCOGold German Style Doppelbock or Eisbock
Avery Brewing Co.BrabantCOBronze Experimental Beer
Backcountry BreweryMay BockCOSilver Bock
Bristol Brewing Co.Cheyenne Cañon AleCOSilver American Style Brown Ale
Colorado Boy Pub & BreweryColorado Boy IrishCOSilver Irish Style Red Ale
Colorado Boy Pub & BreweryColorado Boy IPACOBronze Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter
Colorado Brewing Co./Draft House44 Pale AleCOSilver American Style Pale Ale
Coors Brewing Co.Keystone IceCOGold American Style Specialty Lager
Coors Brewing Co.Coors BanquetCOGold American-Style Lager or Premium Lager
Coors Brewing Co.Keystone LightCOSilver American Style Light Lager
Coors Brewing Co.Killian's RedCOSilver American Style Amber Lager
Coors Brewing Co.Pre-ProCOSilver American Style Specialty Lager
Dry Dock Brewing Co.Bismarck AltbierCOGold German Style Altbier
Dry Dock Brewing Co.U-Boat HefeweizenCOSilver South German Style Hefeweizen
Dry Dock Brewing Co.Reines MarzenCOSilver German Style Märzen
Durango Brewing Co.Durango ColorfestCOGold American Style Amber Lager
Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co.CardiffCOGold Other Strong Beer
Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co.CarbonatorCOBronze German Style Doppelbock or Eisbock
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant GroupGordon Biersch Czech PilsnerCOSilver Bohemian Style Pilsener
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant GroupGordon Biersch DunklesCOSilver European Style Dunkel
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant GroupGordon Biersch Alt BierCOBronze German Style Altbier
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant GroupGordon Biersch Golden ExportCOBronze Munich Style Helles
Great Divide Brewing Co.Yeti Imperial StoutCOSilver Imperial Stout
Great Divide Brewing Co.HossCOBronze Rye Beer
Great Divide Brewing Co.Old Ruffian Barley WineCOBronze Barley Wine Style Ale
Left Hand Brewing Co.SmokejumperCOGold Smoked Beer
Miller Brewing Co.Milwaukee's BestCOGold American-Style Cream Ale or Lager
Miller Brewing Co.Hamm'sCOSilver American-Style Cream Ale or Lager
Miller Brewing Co.Miller High LifeCOSilver American-Style Lager or Premium Lager
Miller Brewing Co.OE800COSilver International-Style Pilsener
Miller Brewing Co.Steel ReserveCOBronze American Style Specialty Lager
Miller Brewing Co.Red DogCOBronze American-Style Cream Ale or Lager
Mountain Sun Pub and BreweryTemperanceCOBronze American-Belgo-Style Ale
New Belgium Brewing Co., Inc.NBB LoveCOSilver German-Style Sour Ale
Rockyard Brewing Co.Double Eagle AleCOBronze American-Style Wheat Beer
Ska Brewing Co.Buster Nut BrownCOSilver English Style Brown Ale
Ska Brewing Co.True Blonde AleCOBronze English-Style Summer Ale
Ska Brewing Co.Steel Toe StoutCOBronze Sweet Stout
The SandLotMove BackCOGold Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest
The SandLotWhere the Helles Bill?COSilver Munich Style Helles
The SandLotGreenside UpCOSilver Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest
Trinity Brewing CoTPS ReportCOGold Experimental Beer
Upslope Brewing Co.Time of the SeasonCOBronzePro-Am Competition
Upslope Brewing Co.Upslope Dunkel WeizenCOBronzeGerman-Style Wheat Ale

Individual Brewer Top Honors

Large Brewing Company and Large Brewing Company Brewer of the Year Coors Brewing Company
Golden, CO
Dr. David Ryder
Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the YearDry Dock Brewing Company
Aurora, CO
Dry Dock Brewing Team

Pro-Am Competition Winner

Bronze Medal - "Time of the Season" - Upslope Brewing Co., Boulder, CO. Brewmaster: Daniel Pages. AHA Member: Brian Patterson

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