Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beer tweets of the week

Beer TweetsIt's been a busy week leading up to the GABF. Twitter has been a very helpful tool to help organize and plan which activities to get involved with and to share local information with other attendees. Here is a short synopsis for the past week's tweets.

  1. @olllllo good one. I always thought the phrase "beer glass optional" always meant that the beer will suck.
  2. It never fails. It's always busiest at work right before the GABF.
  3. RT: @OdellBrewing Tasting event featuring Bourbon Barrel Stout, IPA, and Woodcut No.2 at Tag (Denver) today from 2-5
  4. Fear not GABF attendees, the rain should be ending by fest time on Thursday. Gorgeous and 70s for Fri + Sat. #GABF
  5. No snow (yet) here in northern Colorado. Fall has officially arrived.
  6. Just in time for the big beer festival, the movie: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Think they had the #GABF in mind for the release date?
  7. Last 3 beer dinners are for Tuesday, Sept 22nd.
  8. Herman Josephs Private Reserve beer dinner, Parallel Seventeen, Denver, CO, 6:30pm. http://www.parallelseventee... - #beer
  9. Great Divide beer dinner, Osteria Marco / Larimer Square, Denver, CO. 6:30pm. 4-courses, 5 beers.
  10. Beer Dinner at Jax Fish House Denver, Sept 22, 7:30pm. 4 courses and as many beers. http://www.jaxfishhousedenv... #beer
  11. @Jeffporn well at least I'm working indoors during all this cold rain. Should be nicer for the GABF at least!
  12. Denver Beer Fest may be going on but I've still gotta work 3 days this week before I can have fun. #GABF - Hurry up Thursday!
  13. @Montaignejns but the best show not on TV did win - Dr. Horrible.
  14. Cya there! RT @SierraNevadaCA GABF is almost here! Who's gonna be there??
  15. http://twitpic.com/il78u - Enjoyed the mountains near Divide CO yesterday before the rains hit.
  16. @RoMills hope you are enjoying the wild Colo weather. I was up in the mountains all weekend. Was sunny and nice. Now were paying for it.
  17. @BeerPrincess Looks like Thurs will be 64 and partly cloudy now. Fri and Sat still nice. Try 9news.com for local DEN weather. #GABF
  18. Home from a 2 day weekend in the mountains around Woodland Park, CO. Oktoberfest was fun. Trees not quite in full color yet but still ok.
  19. Don't worry GABF attendees, rain Mon-Wed but clearing up and 70s for Thurs - Saturday. Perfect for the festival! #beer #gabftweetup
  20. @OdellBrewing will release Isolation Ale on September 28th. http://bit.ly/iTt2I - celebrating 10 years of it's winter seasonal #beer
  21. Thx @BronxBebe @thebrewclub @TheBeerWench @MikeLovesBeer @waynethetrain for all the #FF love. Cheers to you to a great weekend!
  22. Colorado Pork and Hops Challenge, Sept 18-19, Lincoln Park, Grand Junction, CO. Lots of BBQ and beer to go around. http://www.porknhops.com
  23. http://twitpic.com/i6r7d - New revised version of #gabftweetup badge. Vertical seems to work.
  24. @hookedonwinter grats on the BBOTW on @BeerTapTV. You're famous now! Cheers.
  25. @TheBeerWench I love Avery's The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest. A little extra kick to it.
  26. @BigKahunaBrew love your #GABF badge! Vertical works well. I'll have to modify mine to make my twitter name more noticable. #gabftweetup
  27. @hookedonwinter I can grow a goatee but not a full beard. Gonna have to start it on Sunday as I'm at a family event this wkend. #gabftweetup
  28. @voteforgrant ad-hoc in-event tweetup inside the GABF. Meet 1-hr after session starts outside GABF Bookstore.
  29. Come meet the faces behind the @ names at the GABF tweetup inside the GABF. http://bit.ly/11F3rv - 1 hr into each session. #gabftweetup
  30. @SudsyMaggie Thx. I printed my bagde on photopaper and will hang it in a lanyard. #gabftweetup
  31. 12th annual Rocky Mt. Oktoberfest PLUS, Sept 18-19, Ute Pass Cultural Ctr, Woodland Park, CO. 5pm-9:30pm Fri, 11am-6:30pm Sat. #beer
  32. False alarm, there will be no Steamboat Brewers' Festival this year. Next one Sept 18, 2010. #beer
  33. Great Divide - Vesta Dipping Grill Beer Dinner, Sept. 20., 1822 Blake St, Denver, CO. http://www.vestagrill.com/ #beer
  34. Free Sample Friday - Great Divide Tap Room, downtown Denver. 8 free samples 10am-10pm. #beer
  35. Boulder Beer Co's 30th Anniversary Bash, Sept 18th, Historic Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO. 8pm. http://www.bouldertheater.com/ #beer
  36. 40th and final(?) Oktoberfest on Larimer Square, Denver, CO. Sept 18-20, 25-27. http://www.oktoberfestdenve... #beer
  37. Breckenridge Oktoberfest, Sept. 18-20. Historic Main St., Breckenridge, CO. http://www.breckenridgeokto... #beer
  38. Telluride Blues & Brews fest - Sept 18-20, Telluride, CO. http://www.tellurideblues.com/ #beer
  39. @TheArtofBeer there is a save option on the badge creator web page. I then photoshopped it to resize it a bit.
  40. @NormskiBrewer if you watched Fringe on TV tonight you'd know what I meant. Won't spoil it for the rest.
  41. http://twitpic.com/i4qgu - Here's my official badge for the #gabftweetup.
  42. @NormskiBrewer how about - Old Three Corner Eyes Ale
  43. OMG Fringe - not him!
  44. Waiting for Fringe to air tonight on Fox. Been a long summer without it. #fringe
  45. RT @TheCheekyMonk: New GABF Event! On 9/25 at 10:30pm Greg Koch from Stone will be tapping one of his Belgian Style brews! Say TAXI!!!
  46. RT @TheArtofBeer Spread The Word - #gabftweetup - 1 hour into each session in front of bookstore ...Wear your Twitter ID - @gabf
  47. My new glasses are in. Having to get used to them.
  48. @jeffbearer Sun morning after #GABF event - praying to God to forgive all your activities the week before. (couldn't resist)
  49. @CaitlinJewell yes I'll be attending the Sat noon #GABF. Greeley Wed eve tweetup? Could have one at Crabtree Brewing. 1 hr north of Denver.
  50. @BrettGlenna I tried RR Consecration at last year's #GABF - was wonderful!
  51. Falling Rock Tap House announces their #GABF week plans. http://bit.ly/AsnnO - #beer

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