Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 GABF Thursday session

2009 GABFIt was an extremely long day at the Thursday opening day of the 2009 Great American Beer Festival. My day started at 5:30am. I had to get up early enough to get ready and drive down to Denver so that I could be on time to work as a volunteer for set-up duty at 8:00am.

I plan to post a lot of pix and video of the GABF later next week but wanted to at least share a few photos of some of the happenings during the first day.

I attended a #GABFTweetup at 6:30pm in front of the GABF Bookstore. Several fellow Twitter users were there. It was nice to put some real faces to the Twitter names.

@SudsyMaggie, @olllllo, @jeffbearer, Greg Weiss, @beermolly, @bluntsage, @sloant were among the people who were in attendance. Sorry if I didn't list some of your names as I wasn't able to remember everyone. (I'm bad at remembering names).

I ended up tasting around 30 different brews and taking up to an hour of video yesterday. Some of my favorite beers from yesterday include: Duck Duck Gooze and Red Poppy from The Lost Abbey, Black Tuesday Imperial Stout from The Bruery, Consecration from Russian River and Bourbon Barrel Stout from Odell Brewing.

Hope to get a lot more images captured and meet even more people today during the Denver Rare Beer Tasting and Flying Dog's FBAG party. Also will hopefully get to the Friday night GABF session tonight, that is, if my feet and shoulders aren't too sore from hauling kegs all day long yesterday. They are really sore today.

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