Friday, September 18, 2009

GABF Tweetup planned during sessions

Tweetup BadgeAttention GABF attendees and Twitter users! There's going to be a mini-event within an event held during the 28th annual Great American Beer Festival this year being held on September 24th through the 26th, 2009. There will be a grass roots get together of Twitter users inside the Colorado Convention Center at approximately 1 hour after the start of each session of the GABF outside the GABF Bookstore area.

This mini-event, the GABF Tweetup as it's being called, is meant to draw together Twitter users who are attending the GABF and give them a chance to meet fellow Tweeters in person and share some beer during the festival.

Anyone wanting to follow the news surrounding this Tweetup should use the hashtag of #gabftweetup in their tweets on Twitter. Already there has been a lot of tweets involving this get together. You can also follow my tweets at @ChipperDave.

Everyone who plans to participate in the #gabftweetup is encouraged to design and wear their own Twitter name badge. Taylor Shaw, aka @TheArtofBeer, suggested that attendees use a create-your-own badge web site - - to design their own name badge to wear. Be creative! Be sure to include your Twitter name somewhere on the badge.

I've come up with an example badge that I plan to wear in the picture above. Click it to enlarge the image to get a sample of the type of badge the site can create. The web site will allow you to save your badge image to your disk drive so you can photoshop it and print it out later on.

Their will be 4 such #gabftweetup's during the GABF. Thursday at 6:30pm, Friday at 6:30pm, Saturday at 1:30pm and also at 6:30pm. Look for fellow Tweeters wearing name badges outside the GABF Bookstore area located in the center of the festival floor.

Hope to see many of you there! I hope to be there for the Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon sessions. Let me know if you are planning to attend one of them. 6 Days to the GABF!! I'm getting pumped up for this!

Thursday highlights from 1st GABFTweetup.

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