Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ska Modus Hoperandi review

Ska Modus HoperandiIt's been a while since I've had the opportunity to try a new beer from Ska Brewing Company of Durango, CO. When I found out a local restaurant was serving Ska Modus Hoperandi on tap, I knew I wanted to try it. This beer had eluded me for too long. Modus Hoperandi debuted back in the beginning of 2009.

Normally I don't review beers while at a restaurant but I had just happened to bring a notepad for taking notes during my fantasy football draft. I was eating at the Old Chicago on the north side of Colorado Springs. I was meeting the guys from (Eli, Dusty & Erik) to draft players for our league. I had ordered a Meat-Me Calzone, a nice spicy dish that should go well with a hoppy American-style IPA.

Ska Modus HoperandiMy server poured me a big glass mug of Modus Hoperandi. This hopped up brew weighed in at a decent 6.8% ABV and is hopped up to about 65 IBUs. The brew was a reddish-orange and gold color and had a decent sized white head that left a nice clingy lacing. It was well carbonated coming out of the keg and was served cold. This beer was slightly cloudy but that may have been just some chill haze.

The first thing I smelled from this brew was a big grapefruity citrus and pine hop aroma. It's a classic American IPA smell that I've found quite inviting. Ska seemed to know just how a hop lover like me likes an IPA.

The initial taste was quite bitter. My taste buds had to re-adjust for this beer. Luckily, I had a calzone to pair with this brew and it complimented the hoppy beer perfectly. Modus Hoperandi was silky feeling in the mouth and left a pleasant drying sensation on the finish.

Old Chicago Colorado SpringsThe taste was both bitter and citrusy and slightly malt sweet as well. It was quite enjoyable without being over the top. The hops seemed to mellow as the sampling went along. While it was a noticeable bitter brew, I got plenty of malt on the backside and was quite drinkable.

This is a type of beer that you definitely want to eat food with. IPA's are just like that. If you drink it just by itself, you may find yourself looking for something to munch on right away. It was a good drinker. I could drink it a bit faster than other dry IPAs.

If it wasn't for the fact that Old Chicago has over 110 beers available I probably would have had a second one of these but I decided to try yet another style of beer to follow up with this one. I'll give this brew a respectible Thumbs Up with the caveat that you MUST pair this with some meaty or spicy food.

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