Saturday, October 3, 2009

2nd annual Flying Dog FBAG party review

The week of the 2009 Great American Beer Festival was a very busy one. The lower downtown area of Denver was bustling with parties, special beer tastings, Rockies games and beer dinners. One special event returned again for it's second year and that was the annual Flying Dog FBAG party.

FBAG is not only GABF spelled backwards but also stands for Flying Dog Brats and Gonzo. Gonzo is referring to both the wild lifestyle of one Hunter S Thompson and also Flying Dog's Gonzo Imperial Porter, which by the way won a Gold Medal at this year's GABF.

I had just gotten out of the Denver Rare Beer Tasting event at the Wynkoop Brewery which ended promptly at 4pm, that's just when things started rolling over at Flying Dog's old brewery site on Blake Street which is now home to the Blake Street Tavern. It's just about 5 or 6 blocks from the Wynkoop Brewery past the Falling Rock Tap House and Coors Field.

By the time I arrived at the party the crowd had already arrived. The old empty warehouse was already packed with 300-400 people. After passing through security at the door, I wandered in to see if I could find a familiar face. It didn't take long to find both Maggie Sudduth (@SudsyMaggie), whom I had met at the GABF Tweetup the night before, and also another fellow Twitterer, Jeff Porn (@jeffporn), who was pouring the Gonzo Imperial Porter from 12 ounce bottles.

As promised, Flying Dog had gone all out for this party. They hired a live band, put Hunter S Thompson videos all over the wall, and set up a big grill where the brats were roasting. The first thing I spotted was an appetizer table where all kinds of finger food was being served.

The Flying Dog beers were also stationed at several spots inside the warehouse. Me, I'm a dark beer fan and I headed over right to the Gonzo Imperial Porter for a free cup. Ever since I tried Gonzo Imperial Porter nearly a couple years ago I was a big fan. The beer was as tasty and powerful as I remember it. If your RSS reader or browser won't let you view the above video then you can visit YouTube and watch the video there. The judges at the GABF must have thought highly of this beer as well as it won the Gold medal in the Imperial Stout category for best beer in the style. That's an impressive accomplishment. It wouldn't officially be FBAG if you didn't pair the Gonzo with a good old bratwurst. This was to become my meal for the evening as the Friday night GABF session was just about 90 minutes away. This place was rocking. The music, food and beer were all great. I met several people there who were definitely in the Gonzo spirit. Sadly, after my beer and my brat were gone it was time to start walking back uptown to the Colorado Convention Center. That's a fair hike too and my tired legs luckily got me to the 16th street shuttle bus and within a couple blocks of the convention center. Luckily for me I had a VIP Members only pass for that night and got in the short line into the GABF. A big thanks go out to Flying Dog Ale for hosting yet another great GABF week event. I love their spirit and dedication to the Gonzo lifestyle. Life is short so why not take advantage of good food and good beer when the opportunity strikes. Cheers! Want to see more? More 2009 Flying Dog Brats & Gonzo photos. Related articles: - Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter review - Who let the dogs out? Flying Dog reviews - Beer cellar aging - a short experiment This article came from Help us grow. Forward this article to a friend and have them subscribe here