Saturday, October 10, 2009

Breckenridge Mighty Brown review

Breckenridge Mighty BrownAn imperial brown ale? Breckenridge Brewery of Denver came out with a couple more beers in their Small Batch series earlier this year and I couldn't help but want to try their Mighty Brown, an imperial brown ale. I wonder why I didn't see this brew before? Probably because I've been working through my big summer stock and haven't been to the beer store lately. This Breck brew has been out since June. Breckenridge Brewery is one of many breweries who love to experiment with new beers in small batches. This beer is being brewed in limited batches but will be available year round.

Mighty Brown poured a nice dark brown color. Held to a light I could just barely see through it. Mahogany red edges could be seen as well. It poured with a nice huge light tan head that built up quickly and had a beautiful cascading sheeting effect with the bubbles. After it settled, Mighty Brown still has a nice 1/2 finger tall head with a light lacing.

When I first opened the tall painted 22oz bottle I could smell a rich aroma of dark malts. I thought this is going to be a nice change from an ordinary brown. Once I got the brew in the glass, suddenly the hops started coming through in the nose.

The Perle and Hallertau hops pop through the aroma despite it being a low 21 IBU beer. Breckenridge put in a generous amount of Pale, Munich, Roasted Barley, Chocolate, and toasted Wheat malt into this brew in order to boost the ABV up to a respectable 7.5% ABV. I could actually pick out the wheat in this brew.

Which such a mix of malts and hops in a brown ale I didn't know what to expect in this beer.

First taste: I got a very slight chocolate malt flavor with a fair amount of roast yet a lighter mouthfeel than a porter or stout. It was quite creamy feeling and very smooth on the swallow. Nice! First tastes can be deceiving but this one struck me positively from the very first sip. There was a lot of toasty malt flavor that hit the front half of my tongue. There isn't a lot of heat on this beer early on but you know the ABV is there. It wasn't until near the end of the bottle that the slow warmth hit me.

The smoothness of this beer is something I really enjoyed. The bigger malt taste, just enough bitterness from the hops to notice and an extra kick from being an imperial is a vast improvement from an ordinary brown ale. Nice job @BreckBrew! On a snowy early October day in Colorado, this imperial brown ale was Mighty good.

Mighty Brown was just slightly sweet but balanced well with the nice bitter hoppy Hallertau and Perle hops. It's too bad all brown ales aren't this rich.

Sorry non-Coloradoans but BreckBrew doesn't ship much of their Small Batch beers out of state so you'll have to come here to Colorado to try this flavorful brew. I'm giving Breckenridge Brewery a big thumbs up for this small batch brew.

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