Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oskar Blues does Velvet Elvis

Oskar Blues Velvet ElvisEvery so often I receive word of a new video that was put out by one of our local breweries and today I found a beauty. Oskar Blues from Lyons + Longmont, Colorado has been known for not only it's beer but also for it's fine music. Today's video mixes a bit of both as one of their regular performers stops by to help brew up one of their local tap only beers.

While the name may seem a bit odd, the result is not. Take a peek as a local Elvis impersonator, Jonny Barber, shows you how to brew up a velvety smooth oatmeal stout named after him - the Velvet Elvis Stout. As a dark beer lover, I can (no pun intended) appreciate all the fun that went in to making this beer. The video is quite extensive, a full 9+ minutes, so grab a stout, sit back and enjoy the show.

Now I feel like driving up to Oskar Blues and trying some of this tempting dark brew. It's too bad this isn't one of their regular full time brews. It's only for special occasions. Look for it on special in their tap room sometime.

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