Tuesday, December 8, 2009

R-U-Buzzed? Free iPhone app lets you know

R-U-Buzzed appThink you know your alcohol limits? For many of us, the holiday season is full of reasons to share a drink or two with friends and family. You might not realize that for some people, just 1 or 2 drinks is enough to get you buzzed enough to get busted if you drive. Luckily for us, there is a new free iPhone app that will help you find out whether or not you're too buzzed to drive home.

The app is called R-U-Buzzed, a free iPhone app developed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The app allows you to enter in your weight, sex, length of time you've been drinking, as well as how many of each type of drink you've had (beer, wine, liquor).

The app will calculate your estimated blood alcohol content and give you advice as to whether or not you are over the limit or simply too buzzed to drive.

The app even has a built in one-touch ability to call a Taxi should you choose to put down your car keys.

What the app doesn't have is the ability to enter in the specific ABV (alcohol by volume) value that each drink has. So if you're enjoying an imperial stout or perhaps a Double IPA, then you might want to double the number of drinks you input. Craft beers often have higher alcohol content than regular macro beers such as Miller, Coors, Bud, etc).

Here's the link to the free iPhone app: R-U-Buzzed

Holidays see increased DUIs

Here are some sobering numbers that were sent to me by the Ad Council and the National Highway Safety and Traffic Association (NHSTA). There are also some web sites listed below to help you find out more about it:

Did you know that in 2008, nearly 12,000 drivers or motorcycle riders died in alcohol-related crashes? That’s one person every 40 minutes. Many people are under the misconception that you would have to be “falling down drunk” to be too impaired to drive safely. That couldn't be further from the truth. Last year alone, during the winter holiday season, 420 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes. You can’t help but wonder if those lives could have been saved if people thought twice before getting behind the wheel. With the holidays approaching, it’s important that drivers be reminded about the dangers of buzzed driving. Who knows, it could save a life.

The National Highway Safety and Traffic Association (NHTSA) and the Ad Council are continuing their efforts with their PSA campaign called “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.” The buzzed driver is one who drinks and drives, but does not consider himself a hazard on the roadway because “only a few” drinks are consumed. The campaign hopes to educate people that consuming even a few drinks can impair driving and that “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.”

We need your help to spread this message during the holiday season to help keep “buzzed” drivers off the road. Post a message on your blog about the dangers of buzzed driving, share a story or experience you might have had with buzzed driving and encourage readers to follow us on twitter (@buzzeddriving) and Facebook to get the latest updates and news from NHTSA. You can also visit our website (http://buzzeddriving.adcouncil.org/) where readers can sign a pledge not to drive buzzed, play an interactive game to help them understand how drinking can impair driving, and hear personal stories from people who have driven buzzed.

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