Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twisted Pine Puckers Up

Twisted Pine Brewing CompanyThe December 2009 brewery newsletters are rolling out and Twisted Pine Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado has plenty of news to share this month. From new beers, expanded distribution, to beer dinners. Let's start off with some food news.

Twisted Pine Potluck Dinner

Here's one way to start out the new year right. Twisted Pine is going to host their 1st annual Potluck Dinner on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. They are asking all who wish to participate to cook up one of your favorites dishes and bring it to the brewery. The only catch is, they want you to cook the food incorporating a Twisted Pine Beer into the recipe.

Twisted Pine will award prizes for the 1st and 2nd best dishes. Either way, win or lose, there will be great food and good beer pouring that night. Stay tuned to their website for more details.

Twisted Pine Sour Brown AleNew Beer Release - It's Sour!

Twisted Pine is proud to announce that on Friday, December 11th from 3pm to 5pm at the brewery, they'll be tapping a brand new Boulder-Belgian Style Sour Brown Ale. It's Twisted Pine's first venture into sour beer. This brown ale has been barrel aged and fermented up with some funky strains of yeast to give this beer a sourness that just begs to be sampled. Pucker power!

No word yet if this beer will be bottled, but it will certainly be brewery fresh on tap at the roll-out event.

Twisted Pine Beers Texas Bound

Word has it that Twisted Pine will soon be distributed across Texas to many cities. People in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin and lots of other places will soon be able to buy Twisted Pine at their local stores. Look for it.

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