Thursday, January 21, 2010

Avery Brewing is next to move to canned beer

The canned craft beer revolution has picked up another recruit in Colorado. This time, it's the Avery Brewing Company of Boulder, CO who announced this week in a Westword article that they will begin to put four of their craft beers into cans this spring.

Avery will join the likes of Oskar Blues, New Belgium, Ska, Upslope, Wynkoop and others in the state who have decided that by offering another alternative packaging will help make their beers available in more places where bottles cannot go.

In the Westword article, Adam Avery stated that four of their beers including Ellie's Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, White Rascal and a yet to be released new beer will be the initial brews going into cans.

Think about it, this move makes sense. Cans are easier to recycle and cost less to make and transport. It helps to reduce shipping costs which can help to hold rising costs down. I look forward to trying these beers again from a can.

If it weren't for the bold step that Oskar blues did over 7 years ago to put their beer in cans we might not be seeing this trend happen. Cheers to Avery Brewing for taking this next step. Let's hope more and more craft brewers follow suit.

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