Friday, January 1, 2010

While some breweries expand some pull back

For those of you who are fans of the beers from Steamworks Brewing Company and don't live in the southwest corner of Colorado, your supply of Steamworks brew is about to run out.

Fellow Colorado beer blogger Soggy Coaster over at Beer at 6512 posted an entry about the hard times hitting Steamworks Brewing Company of Durango, CO. Up until yesterday, the brewery had two brewing facilities, one in Bayfield, CO and the main one in Durango, CO to make and distribute their beers to several different states.

As of today, Steamworks Brewing has effectively shutdown it's Bayfield operation and in addition has decided to no longer sell it's beers beyond Durango and a select number of local accounts in southwest Colorado.

What this means is, those of us in the rest of Colorado, as well as the states of Texas, New York, Virginia, Minnesota, New Mexico and Arizona, Steamworks beer will no longer be able to buy fresh in stores.

It's sad to see a brewery what makes such great beer like Steamworks cut back as severely as they did. Apparently there is quite a high level of overhead in maintaining an interstate business, even in the beer world.

A Durango Herald article further explains Steamworks' situation. While Steamworks isn't sure if they'll ever go back to shipping out of state they haven't ruled out working with a contract brewer who could help them reproduce their recipes elsewhere.

So say goodbye to the Bayfield, Colorado plant but please keep visiting their brewery in Durango and help them out. Steamworks web site.

Are there breweries near you like this?

Do you know of any local breweries also facing hard times? Are there any breweries scaling back or closing in your area? Let me know about them as I'd like to know more. Perhaps we all can take a closer look and help find out what is happening with them and possibly see a way to prevent this from happening elsewhere.

Buy local my friends. Once your local breweries start scaling back or closing down then your choices start to become limited.

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