Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Avery Meretrix named in honor of prostitutes

Avery MeretrixGet ready for the next batch of sour beer from Avery Brewing Company. The 8th in their series of Barrel-aged sour ales is set to debut July 16th and it won't be sold in stores.

In medieval Europe, the reference "meretrix", according to Wikipedia, was understood as a woman held in common, who "turned no one away." - in other words, a prostitute.

Perhaps the name was inspired by the "sinful" mix of barley, Bret, Lacto, Pedio and sour cherries that aged for two years in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

Meretrix follows in the footsteps of Avery's 7 other barrel-aged sour ales: Brabant, Sui Generis, Black Tot, Depuceleuse, Quinquepartite, Margarete, and Dihos Dactylion.

This is a strong brew that measures at 9.97% ABV. Only about 83 cases of 12oz bottles were made and are set to be sold only at an upcoming release party on July 16th, 2011 at the Avery Tap Room in Boulder, Colorado at 5pm.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Avery's barrel-aged sour beers, some special policies are being put into place to help "keep order" during the release event:

- Numerous Tap Room servers will be on hand to serve guests, in the line, as they wait. They'll also have a 10-tap kegerator full of small-batch and barrel-aged oddities from the tap room like Eremita (our Tap Room only sour blend), Dry-Hopped IPA, Mai Rye Bock etc.

- Once a substantial line has formed, their staff will be giving tickets, each good for the purchase of 1 bottle of Meretrix to those in line.

- Limit of 4 bottles per customer. First come, first served.

- CASH ONLY! There will be an ATM on site in case anyone forgets this advice. Note that the cash only rule will make the whole process MUCH faster for all involved!

- 55 cases for sale = 1320 bottles = 4 bottles per customer = 330 customers who get Meretrix (assuming all purchase the 4 bottle limit). Please plan accordingly.

From experience I can say that Avery's sour ales are definitely worth seeking out. Sour ales are quite the treat for the prepared palate.

If you can't get to the release party they you'll need to stop by the brewery another time soon after to sample some of the brewery only pours.

For details on Avery's release party, check out their web site at:

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