Monday, July 25, 2011

New Belgium pulls off a Clutch Kick

In a continuing stream of constant news flowing out of Fort Collins lately, New Belgium Brewing Company has announced two new additions to their ever-widening Lips of Faith series of beer.

The first beer called Clutch, a sour stout, is being released in cooperation with the Maryland-based hard rock band with the same name.

A second beer called Kick, a tart pumpkin ale, is a collaboration between New Belgium (NBB) and Elysian Brewing Company of Seattle.

Both of these beers will be available from August through October in 22oz bottles and in kegs as well.

NBB described Clutch saying: "The sour stout has a pronounced bass line of dark chocolate, coffee and black malts that bridge the sourness of the dark wood ale for a fluid riff. Clutch’s ABV is 9%."

Kick is described: "The rich and tart pumpkin cranberry ale is blended with wood-aged beer to deliver a uniquely complex harvest season sour. Kick’s ABV is 8.5%."

Both of these beers have enough ABV to knock your socks off both with taste and strength. These beers were meant to be shared.

I personally am looking forward to trying Clutch as I am a big fan of sour ales.

You should be able to find these beers on the shelves around Colorado and other states starting early next month. Which one of these are you looking forward to most?

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