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Colorado Cider Company Glider Cider Dry review

Colorado Glider Cider DryWhat's very pale, dry, bubbles like fizz, looks like beer but isn't? If you guessed hard cider give yourself some social media points.

Today I formally reviewed a hard cider for the 1st time. Colorado now has it's own hard cider company by the name of
Colorado Cider Company (CCC) based in Denver. CCC ferments two types of hard apple cider, a regular semi-sweet brand and a dry version. I chose the latter version - Glider Cider Dry.

According to the brewer, Glider Cider Dry is described this way: "The “dry” version of Glider has a whisper of juice added back, like a mist of vermouth over a fine martini. Our yeast loves apple juice sugar and eats it all up in the fermenter. Alcohol is all that’s left of its efforts. A completely dry cider is not for the feint of heart and they say it can be used to re-finish furniture. We decided to dial that back a bit. Gluten Free - All Juice".

I've had hard ciders before but never bothered to review them here as the main brand you find in the stores are a national brand. This one happens to be made here in Colorado so that got my attention. Its only ingredients are: fermented apple juice, yeast and sugar.

Glider Cider Dry came in a 650ml bomber bottle and is estimated at a 6.95% ABV. The label states that it contains sulfites and it gluten free pure craft cider. Sulfites apparently are used to control wild yeast and sanitize the cider before the yeast is added. Beware if you happen to have allergies to sulfites.

CCC used Washington apples for this batch and some apple juice from New England in this batch of hard cider. They plan on using as much Colorado grown apples in the future but those are getting harder to come by.

Appearance: Glider Cider Dry poured a very very pale yellow. Coming out of the bottle it nearly looked clear but showed just a trace of color in the pint glass. Initially there was a one finger white head and a lot of bubble action, but the head quickly disappeared and looked like a glass of bubbly champagne. The cider was quite clear with no sediment or hazing.

Aroma: One whiff and you knew this wasn't a beer. It had the distinction of smelling wood-aged but it wasn't. It was sweet yet a bit musty smelling, perhaps from the sulfites. I could tell it had alcohol in it from just one inhalation. I've had other dry ciders before and this smelled exactly like those.

Mouthfeel: Glider Cider Dry was light bodied, slightly astringent, a bit puckering, sharp on the tongue, yet refreshing when cold. It was reminiscent of the effect that a sour beers give my mouth.

Taste: Glider Cider Dry is a classic "dry" hard cider experience. A semi-sweet yet very dry apple taste hit my tongue up front with a definite bite from the alcohol. It was decently carbonated but much less than a champagne. The dry bitter apple taste ran sharp from start to finish. It must have been stored or processed by wood at some point because I swear it had the taste of a barrel in there somewhere. Despite the sharpness of the drink, it goes down well and leaves you quickly with a nice warming sensation.

Overall: I preferred to enjoy this drink colder as it went down a bit easier that way. As it warmed it seemed a bit sharper on the palate. Still, it was quite enjoyable from start to finish.

Glider Cider Dry was a good change of pace beverage from the hoppier brews I've had of late. It's not the type of drink I would want more than one glass of, but that didn't mean it wasn't good, it's just that sweeter alcohol drinks tend to sneak up on me a bit more than beers do.

Hard ciders are my alternative go-to brew. I tend to pick them up in the fall when they are their most fresh. This batch was most likely from last year's apple crop. I'd be interested in trying this just after it was released to see how much more fresh it could be.

If you like hard ciders, you'll probably won't be disappointed with this brand. I am now curious to try their regular Glider Cider. Most people may prefer the non-dry kind, me I like to mix it up a bit.

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