Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Firestone Walker Double Jack DIPA review

Firestone Walker Double JackThe long wait for Firestone Walker beers in Colorado is over. There are several varieties now available across the state. Today's choice, hot on the heals of the recent #IPADay is their Double IPA called Firestone Walker Double Jack, part of their Reserve Series.

Not since the buzz of Dogfish Head and Russian River coming to town has there been such excitement for an out-of-state brewery's beers here in Colorado. I had previously tasted Firestone Walker's beers at the GABF and at a private beer tasting so I knew what to expect. I hadn't tried Double Jack before, however, so I was looking forward to it.

Double Jack DIPA came in a big 22oz bomber and weighed in at 9.5% ABV. I knew this was a big beer and I didn't know if I'd be wanting to sample an entire bottle. I grabbed some cheese to pair it with and poured it into my glass. The bottled on date said 06/24/11 so I knew this brew had been in the bottle less than 2 months.

Appearance: Double Jack poured a glowing clear orange color with a hefty off-white head that built up quickly and stuck around for a while. Swirling the beer around built up another small head and the lacing was wonderful. There was always a lining of bubbles at the top of the pour.

Aroma: Some hoppy beers have that usual citrus-pine smell that is all too common place. Not so with Double Jack. The hop aroma here was dominant but smelt like a broad mix of hops including herbs, fruit and a touch of spice. The pine and citrus were there but not over the top. With the malty tones this brew was very inviting.

Taste: Double Jack was bitter up front yet with just enough sweet maltiness to blend well with the hops. This beer had a lot of flavor and had a decent kick as well. I felt it warm me up after just a half a glass. I like the fact that I could taste the sweet caramel malt and at the same time fill me up with a bold amount of IBUs. I was really digging this beer, both cold right out of the fridge and also as it warmed a bit.

Overall: I could tell was a world class imperial IPA. I'd rank it up there with Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and Russian River's Pliny the Elder. Simply one of the best. I'm glad I picked up this bottle soon after it went on shelves here in Colorado. I'm now a big fan of this brewery after having a few solid samplings over the last couple of years. I'm definitely going to recommend this one to everyone who loves IPAs.

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