Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti Imperial Stout review

Yetis seem to get around. And this time, the Yeti had traveled to Belgium and back. With so many Yetis to choose from, did Great Divide have another hit in it's portfolio? Being a stout lover, I was anxious to find out.

One thing I like about Great Divide bomber bottles is that they are stamped with a "Bottled On: date. With a date of June 17, 2011, I knew this bottle was just over 2 months old. This helps for aging and determining freshness. Although with an imperial stout this brew could stand up for a long time if needed. This brew had a 9.5% ABV rating to boot.

I've tried three other versions of Great Divide Yeti: regular, oak-aged and chocolate. I was curious if this version would be that much different than the others.

Appearance: Belgian Yeti poured nearly black with a generous light-brown head. It was moderately carbonated, but that's ok for the style. The pour left a nice clingy lacing around the glass. Held up to the light I couldn't see much at all but darkness. Mmmm.

Aroma: Ah, now here is what I was waiting for. Gone was the usual huge roast, molasses and coffee. In it's place was a more fruity and spicy nose with the roasted malt in the background. As I swirled the stout in the glass, I got a fresh whiff of yeast funk and a bit of coffee. This beer had a nice diverse range of aromas.

Taste: Belgian Yeti started out with a semi-sweet fruity taste and fell gracefully back into it's classic Yeti imperial stout brand. The Belgian yeast added several spicy notes and a bit of funk. This version was just enough of a departure from the mainline Yeti to distinguish itself as it's own identity. The immense roasted malt, coffee, chocolate and even some toffee are all still there and delicious. The yeast simply adds another layer upon this treat.

Overall: Great Divide has an enviable line of hits that they've developed. It seems there may be no limit to what they can try next with the Yeti. Was this version of my favorite? Let's say it's a close second in the four I've tried. I can enjoy a Yeti almost any time of year and this one is definitely worth trying and buying again.

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