Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hop Harvest Time in Windsor Colorado

Colorado Hop Harvest TimeGet ready for Hop Harvest Time! With the coming of September and the hop buds are maturing on the vine, it's the season for cutting the vines and reaping the bounty of hops once again in Colorado.

I paid a visit out to Windsor, Colorado and went to the High Hops Brew Shop at The Windsor Gardener - 6461 Hwy 392. I was in need of some homebrew supplies and also wanted to check out the hop field next door to the shop.

High Hops is located just on the west side of town on the main drag in Windsor near the 17th Street corner intersection. High Hops has a couple of acres of land reserved for hops. Right now, they have about half the acreage planted and plans for expanding next year.

High Hops has about 32 different varieties of hops at their farm. One of the best growing hops on the farm are Cascade hops, one of their most popular varieties.

I couldn't help myself and took a few shots of their crop that will be harvested next week at a Hop Picking Party on September 4th from 12pm to 6pm. See the details of their party here. If you stop by that day and help out you might just win some great prizes including GABF tickets.

For you hop lovers, here are a handful of shots I took of the hop crop from this year.
Click on a picture to enlarge. Enjoy!

Hops Hops Hops Hops
Hops Hops High Hops Brew Shop

Bonus video of the hop crop:

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