Saturday, August 13, 2011

Odell Double Pilsner review

Odell Double PilsnerHere's a pilsner that'll knock the wind out of normal pilsners. I'm talking about Odell Brewing's 4-pack series brew called Odell Double Pilsner. Don't be fooled, this is a strong, powerful beer. It weighs in at a commanding 8.1% ABV and is hopped up to over 40 IBU.

Double Pilsner has been one of Odell's special brews for several years. Not too long ago it's packaging got a face lift and now sports an artsy looking owl on the label. It's only available from May to October each year and the style seemed best to try in the summer months anyway.

I knew this was going to be a single serving only night with this brew as it's ABV was the equivalent of two regular beers. I was ready for a kick so I dove in to sample it. I chilled the Double Pilsner down so that the bottle was nice, cold and wet.

Appearance: Odell Double Pilsner looks much like other pilsner, but perhaps just a slight shade darker. This medium gold beer poured with a generous white head. As the head subsided the lacing clung to the glass and lasted a long time. This brew is as clear as can be and looked to be adequately carbonated after pouring from the 12oz bottle.

Aroma: With most pilsners, you can't detect much in the aroma. This beer, however, gave you notice of an extra dose of hops and more malt in the nose. The extra kick from the high ABV seemed slightly evident. I knew this was going to be more than just your average pilsner. This one was going to have a punch. This was a very clean smelling pilsner too.

Mouthfeel: Odell Double Pilsner is a medium bodied brew that hits you up front with nice creamy feel but also with a sharp reminder that this brew has something extra. It coated my tongue just slightly and glided down rather easily. This beer was modestly carbonated, but I didn't get much of an effect from the bubbles. Since this was a higher ABV brew, it left me with just a slight warming effect at the end.

Taste: Bam! Up front I was hit by both a nice bitter hoppiness, full malt flavor and a hint of alcohol heat. Double Pilsner was reminiscent of an IPA but had a bit more maltiness that kept it from being too bitter. It was sharp on the bitterness up front but quickly gave way to the sweetness of a pilsner. The taste lingered on for a long time after swallowing, but in a good way. As this beer warmed even more flavor kept coming out, unlike macro pilsners that tend to go bland when they warm.

Overall: I was pleasantly surprised at how much flavor this beer had. I expected Odell Double Pilsner to have a bit more kick and wasn't disappointed at all. It was a very rich and warming experience. I was glad I was indoors in an air-conditioned room when I drank this. I fear that if I had drank this out in the hot sun I would have wanted to cool off in another way as the extra ABV's tended to warm me up even more.

I'm quite pleased with this beer and give it a hearty Thumbs Up and look forward to finishing the rest of the 4-pack on subsequent evenings. Even a week or two before the "Drink By" date, this beer was still quite fresh tasting. I'll add this to my repeat buy list.

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