Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peak into the future with Crabtree Brewing

Crabtree QR CodeI have seen the future and the future is digital, at least it will be for Crabtree Brewing. A new Digital Age Series of beers are on the horizon.

During a recent visit to Crabtree Brewing in Greeley, Colorado I was lucky enough to talk with the owners Jeff & Stephanie Crabtree during one of their Saturday afternoon bottling sessions. They were busy putting corks into 750ml bottles of one of their new creations.

After a few questions about the future of his brewery, Jeff was kind enough to pull out a proof sheet of some of the upcoming beers they planned to release later this year. Some of these beers have already been bottled and some are about to be.

Most of the bottled beers at Crabtree Brewing are about to get a facelift. Just last Saturday, Crabtree debuted their new Syzygy Barrel-aged Black IPA, due to hit stores this week.

During my visit, they were bottling a new brew called Crabtree Peachtree Cherry Wheat. This brew will be available this fall as one of the Digital Age Series.

Crabtree Beer Labels Crabtree Chunkin Pumpkin

What makes a brew a digital age brew? Take a close look at the new labels. See anything in common? It's those quirky looking black and white squares called QR codes. These codes will be part of the new beer labels and will give the prospective owner a unique way of tapping into the beer even before the bottle is opened.

QR Codes can be scanned in by most modern hand held devices like an iPhone or an Android device. These codes contain a web URL that will lead you to either a special web page about the beer or even a video that will tell you all about the beer itself.

Jeff Crabtree sees QR codes as a way of empowering the consumer and giving them additional information about the product that may help potential customers make a better buying decision.

Each new label design's QR code will lead them on a new path on the internet. Most will lead them to a specific page on the Crabtree web site. Some pages have yet to be fully developed and will evolve over time as technology progresses.

Crabtree BarrelsCrabtree Peachtree Cherry Wheat

So what else is on the horizon? Several of their taproom only beers will soon become bottled and released. Beers like:

- Syzygy Barrel-aged Black IPA - in stores this week - reviewed here.

- Peachtree Cherry Wheat - with Colorado peaches and cherries - (Fall 2011)

- Stephanie's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - another barrel-aged dark brew - Late 2011

- Orange Blossom Cezanne Saison - farmhouse style ale with O.B. honey and rye - soon! @ GABF

- Berliner Weisse Ale - an unsweetened version of their tap room ale. @ GABF

- Chunkin Pumpkin - in 4-packs - due to be brewed in the next couple of weeks.

- Serenity Amber Ale - new label now in 6 packs - in stores this week!

- Eclipse Black IPA - Syzygy with the barrel aging - in 16oz cans - late 2011

If you can't view the video via RSS, please visit the blog.

Plus many more surprises are in store. Just look around their tap room. Those barrels in the back have some rare limited edition beers that will be hard to get.

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