Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tap Hunter to sponsor GABF after parties

Going to the GABF? Then you'll want to also hit the after parties - and TapHunter.com is throwing a couple of them you'll want to check out. The official TapHunter blog released a post today listing two upcoming GABF after-parties. Read on for the details below:

TapHunter.com GABF After Parties

It’s back, and it is ON. The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado celebrates it’s 30th year by selling out in a record-setting seven days, testament to the surging number of craft beer enthusiasts and their overwhelming desire to ferment, gather and imbibe. The one-week sellout is also a nod to the technological advancements that have occurred since the festival began in 1982. Thirty years ago, the announcement went something like this; “Beer festival. Stop. Denver Colorado. Stop. Tickets 15 cents. Stop.” This year, you could open the e-mail, and have your ticket confirmation in your in-box within minutes. If you’re one of the unfortunates without a golden ticket, fear not, opportunities to attend VIP festivities in and around the GABF abound. Find out how to get on the VIP guest list and drink for a dollar a beer at the hottest parties below.

The festival which ends at a relatively early 10p.m. will overflow into two exclusive parties thrown by Tap Hunter which are sure to become legendary. To get one-dollar craft beers at the most exclusive VIP Party events after the festival, keep reading.

The after parties will be a mix of beer gurus, judges, newcomers, business owners’, brewers, and people who just plain love good, craft-beer. These parties will be fun, packed, and filled with festival big-wigs. Make sure to be on the list before they fill up.
To get “on the list”, RSVP via the form below. The first three hundred people to RSVP will get $1 craft beer, compliments of Tap Hunter, the developers of the craft-beer finding application.
The party sponsor, Tap Hunter’s mobile technology platform tells you what’s on tap and where from your computer or mobile device … and hey, isn’t that why you bought a smart-phone in the first place? See you there, and make sure to get on the VIP LIST BELOW.

Thursday’s party details:

Where: Renegade Brewing Co., 925 West 9th Avenue, Denver, CO.
When: Thursday, Sept. 29, 10p.m. – 12:00a.m.
Put me on the VIP list at the door, and sign me up for one-dollar beers all night

Friday’s party details:

Where: Star Bar, 2137 Larimer Street Denver, CO 80202.
When: Friday, Sept. 30, 10:30p.m.- 1a.m.
Put me on the VIP list at the door, and sign me up for one-dollar beers all night.

Remember: You MUST RSVP via the form below to get in the door to be entitled to $1 craft-beers. Yes, one dollar. Don’t miss the after-party events of the season. See you there.

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(Find the form at: TapHunter.com)

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