Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 GABF opening night photos

Great American Beer Festival BannerBeers - Disco Heads - Bagpipes - Slime Green Shirts! The 2011 Great American Beer Festival opened with great fanfare last night in downtown Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. An estimated crowd of over 12,000 attendees, organizers and volunteers all gathered to pour some 2500+ different beers from over 500 breweries.

For many, the evening at the GABF starts out in a nearly mile-long line (2-3 people wide). At precisely 5:30pm, the doors opened and in no time the throngs of beer enthusiasts files in through the doors, up the stairs, past the bagpipes and into the convention center.

I managed to get in line around 4:45pm last night and was in the middle of the massive line. I was able to get inside the door in around 10 minutes. I was very pleased with how fast the lines went. I had my ID checked, my wristband attached and got my tasting cup without any hassles.

Inside, I don't remember how many samplings I had, however I did take video notes on every single beer I tasted. I decided to forgo a pad and pen for a video log this year. I think it made note taking so a lot quicker and got me into a lot more interesting conversations with my fellow attendees as well.

Below are just a handful of images I scraped from the videos from the Thursday night GABF session (September 29, 2011). These images are low res, but manage to capture the essence of last nights session.

Scenes from the Thursday night 2011 GABF
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The doors open to the 2011 Great American Beer Festival

Oskar Blues Silent Disco - 2011 GABF

If you can't view the videos here, please visit the blog.

Favorite Brews from last night? Loved Avery Brewing's Immitus, Short's Brew Whiskey Sour, Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout, Nodding Head Ick Bin Ein Berliner Weiss, Strange Brewing Cherry Kreik, and Jolly Pumpkin La Roja. Sour power and the dark side for me!

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