Thursday, September 8, 2011

Avery putting on Heaven and Hell during GABF

Avery Brewing
The master crafters at Avery Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado are teaming up with two LoDo hot spots, FreshCraft and The Blake Street Vault on September 29th, the 2nd night of the Great American Beer Festival to bring you "Heaven & Hell". A celebration with beers from Avery's "Holy Trinity" and "The Demon" series. The series tasting begins at 10pm after the GABF.

The Holy Trinity beers include: Hog Heaven, The Reverend, and Salvation. The Demon series include: Samael's, The Beast, and Mephistopheles. All limited annual runs and worth every penny.

Avery's event poster was good enough to catch my eye and became today's "Poster of the Day". View the poster below for all the details of this special event.

Click on the image above to enlarge.

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