Monday, September 12, 2011

Empyrean Brewing coming to Colorado

Empyrean Brewing CoNebraska is invading Colorado! Well kinda, but in a good way. A brewery with over 20 years of experience will begin distributing four of it's beers to Colorado later this month. Another winter seasonal will follow in coming months. The following is a press release from Empyrean Brewing Company outlining all the details.

Empyrean Brewing Co. Heads West to the Colorado Front Range

Beer from Nebraska’s oldest and largest micro brewery is now available in Colorado. Empyrean Brewing Co. of Lincoln has partnered with New Age Beverage to distribute its beers throughout the front range, including Denver and Colorado Springs, and everywhere in between.

“We’re excited to be available in Colorado,” says Empyrean Brewing Co. sales manager Ben Matya. “We’ve spent a year researching the market and looking at our distribution options. To finally have beer flowing West is really satisfying.” In addition to Colorado, Empyrean Brewing Co. brands are available throughout the states of Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Matya says, “Colorado is an exciting state for us to expand into because it’s filled with a large following of craft beer lovers--all anxious to try the next great beer.”

This week, Empyrean Brewing Co. releases four brands to the front range: Third Stone Brown, Burning Skye Scottish, award winning LunaSea ESB and Dark Side Vanilla Porter in both draft and 6-pack bottles. The first retailers to receive stock include Total Beverage, Applejack Wine & Spirits, Tipsy’s Liquor World and Old Chicago restaurants. The brewery’s winter seasonal, Winter Tilt Festiv’Ale, will follow in early November.

According to brewery folklore, since the dawn of time all people marveled at the mysteries of the universe, and brewed beer. These ancients sipped on their hand-crafted brews and dreamed of a paradise existing at the highest point in the universe; inside a fiery sphere they called Empyrean. It’s this legend that gave the brewery its name and tagline, “the taste of dreams come true.”

Packaging more than 5,500 barrels of beer each year, Empyrean Brewing Co. offers eight to ten varieties at any one time. Six of these are bottled on site and distributed year round, while seasonal and limited release selections are available on draught and bottled in 6-packs. Full descriptions of their various beer styles are available at

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