Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heading out for the 2011 GABF

2011 GABFGot Ticket & ID? Check. Gas in the car? Check. Floor map? Check. Notepad and pen? Check. Plans for food? Check. Cash for extras? Check. Camera and Flip cam? Check. What am I forgetting?

I'll be heading out to the GABF shortly and plan to take lots of notes, talk to a lot of people and shoot some pics and video. While I may not be able to do live updates during the festival, I will try to post daily updates the morning after each GABF.

But first, I stopped at New Belgium, Odell Brewing, Fort Collins Brewery and Funkwerks early this afternoon. New Belgium was sponsoring Blogger and Brewer VIP day. They had a reception in their conference rooms. They had over 20 beers on tap, bottled or canned. I tried Clutch (dark sour), Kick (pumpkin/cranberry sour), Belgo (Belgian IPA), and Super Cru. Lots of tasty appetizers, some real spicy too. Gotta love those bottle cap chocolates they had there as well. Sadly, New Belgium was out of 22oz bombers of Kick, else I'd have purchased one. At Odells, I bought a bottle of Bourbon Barrel Stout, at FCB I tried their For The Love Of Peach, and at Funkwerks I bought a bottle of WWCR (Crooked Stave) and their Funkwerks Saison.

For those who may not have been to a Great American Beer Festival before, or for those who are seasoned veterans, it's always nice to look back at the crazy happenings from past GABF. So before I back out of my driveway here in Greeley, I'll post for you some shots of past GABFs. Stay tuned for updates on this year's festival. Cheers!

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