Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crabtree Berliner Weisse Ale review

Crabtree Brewing Berliner Weisse AleGreeley finally has a Gold Medal winning beer from none other than the Crabtree Brewing Company. It took them nearly 6 years, but hard work has paid off with their Crabtree Berliner Weisse Ale.

Crabtree's Berliner Weisse took gold at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival in the German-Style Sour Ale category. This beer weighed in at just 4.3% ABV and was brewed with 60% wheat, 40% barley and fermented with both a German weizen yeast and Loctobacillus.

Sour beers are more popular than ever these days and Crabtree came up with a good one. This is the 1st in their anticipated line called The Digital Age Series. The label takes full advantage of QR codes. When scanned, it takes you to a video

Appearance: Crabtree's Berliner Weisse Ale poured a pale yellow with a small bright white head that fizzled down to nothing in just a second or two. There was plenty of carbonation in this beer however. The brew was slightly hazy which is common for this style.

Aroma: Here I got an immediate nose of wheat and light funk of lactic acid with slightly fruity overtones. It was an inviting aroma for a slightly soured ale.

Berliner Weisse posterTaste: I must admit, I've been drinking this beer all summer and fall. This been been my favorite take home growler brew from Crabtree. Their Berliner Weisse was light, crisp, almost bubbly and very very sessionable. Either from a bottle or on tap, this brew tasted refreshing with a nice tangy bite that wasn't overpowering.

Overall: Back when this brew 1st came out I was an instant fan. My preference of this beer stems from my love of sour ales and this one makes drinking a wheat beer very enjoyable. I'm surprised it took me this long to finally write up a review of it. There's no need for any syrup to make this beer better, it stands well on its own.

I asked Jeff Crabtree if this brew will become a year-round beer. He admitted that he wasn't intending it to be year-round, but with it's recent success at the award tables he may need to let it stick around a while longer. I sure hope he makes it year round as I'll probably be his best customer.

Video showing the pour of Crabtree Berliner Weisse Ale:

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