Friday, October 14, 2011

Fermentedly Challenged turns 4 years old

October is a time to celebrate the harvest, the food, the beer and blog anniversaries. Earlier this week, this mostly humble beer blog turned 4 years old. On October 9th, 2007 I entered my first blog post here after wrapping up 3 years of blogging about online poker. Now four years later, this is my 700th blog post on this beer blog and still going.

I wish to give a big thanks to all of the 130+ Colorado breweries out there, for without them, this little beer blog wouldn't even exist. Also a big shout out to my Internet family - the many Colorado beer bloggers, beer enthusiasts and most importantly my readers who keep coming back and reading this blog.

Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of going to dozens of beer festivals (3 GABFs included), toured dozens of breweries in several states, tasted well over 500 different brews (and remembered to review over half of them), and met a lot of great people out there while having the time of my life.

Greg Koch and Dave ButlerFor those of you who may not have noticed, last year in March 2010 I took a 16 month sabbatical from beer blogging due to extremely busy work schedules and family events (daughter got married for one) and I recently got back into blogging in late June of this year. I missed out on a lot of Colorado brewing news and it took me a while to catch up on everything. I missed it a lot.

I hope to continue blogging about beer and it's Colorado connection for as long as I can manage to do so and help spread the good word about the great beer that is made or sold here in the Centennial state.

Thanks again to all the readers, brewers and acquaintances. You all are the best. Cheers!

Here's a link to my very first post back in October 2007 for nostalgia's sake:
Fermentedly Challenged - a craft beer blog

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