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Short's Brew Huma Lupa Licious IPA review

Short's Brew Huma Lupa LiciousWhen Michigan beers visit Colorado - jump on them! That's the advice I had given myself when recently Short's Brew from Elk Rapids, Michigan decided to distribute to Colorado for just one week only during the 2011 Great American Beer Festival. Never before were any of Short's Brews available in this state except for their rare appearances during brew fests (that I'm aware of anyway). I had previously tried Short's Brew beer during past GABF's primarily due to their unique marketing, catchy names and clever graphics. Whatever they have previously done to attract attention, they have done it well.

Short's Brewing Company had one of the best looking booth displays at the 2011 GABF. They brought out around 18 different brews, one of which was their Whiskey Sour that I loved. But this review was all about their IPA called: Short's Brew Huma Lupa Licious. This beer is described as "A complex malt and hop theme park in your mouth". I was lucky enough to spot this in both a six-pack and as a single 12oz bottle at my local beer store.

Huma Lupa Licious was rated at a 6.8% ABV and supposedly with an incredible 140 IBUs!! Holy crap, I didn't think any brewer could go that high but apparently they could. I was in the mood for an India Pale Ale tonight and this one looked like a great adventure waiting to happen.

Appearance: Huma Lupa Licious poured a golden orange color and was hazy enough so that I couldn't see through it. The near white head rose a good 1-2 fingers initially with an excellent clingy lacing that slowly disappeared. A nice big hiss greeted me when I opened the white cap so I knew it was well carbonated.

Short's Brew at GABFAroma: One of the best ways to describe the aroma was to call it a hop rain forest. A huge, huge pine and citrusy grapefruit or orange hop "fog" seemed to escape from my tulip glass. There was also hints of bread and spice in the nose. Wow, this was going to be a big hoppy brew.

Taste: At first sip, I felt like I had gotten into some pine resin as it was slightly sticky, very bitter up front, but ended with a touch of sweet malt on the back of my tongue. The hops were definitely dominant here and the malts that were included fought to come to the front by the end of the sip. The brew felt creamy with a hint of heat from the alcohol.

Overall: Huma Lupa Licious just screams to be paired with some spicy food. I chose to drink this with a spicy grilled steak taco salad with some spicy dressing and it worked very well with it. The brew had a nice drying effect and the salad brought back some moisture to my mouth.

Wow, what a powerful hop bomb that Short's Brew has created. I could easily believe that this brew had 140 IBUs in it. This beer is not for the untrained palate, so hop virgins beware. I started drinking this beer fairly cold and the hoppy goodness kept coming out stronger as it warmed. Don't let this beer warm up too much if you don't want to be shocked by the resiny pine sensation.

I ended up loving this brew and may go back to the store this week to get more as Colorado will not be getting any more shipped here any time soon. Short's seems to be attracting a following and I now know why.

Video of the pour of a Short's Brew Huma Lupa Licious IPA:

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