Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Belgium to change gears with Shift Pale Lager

New Belgium Shift Pale LagerNew Belgium is getting into the pale lager business with news of next year's canned beer heading into 16oz cans. New Belgium will soon offer New Belgium Shift Pale Lager in early 2012.

For months now, we've known about New Belgium current canning line expansion and have heard rumors about which beers were going to be produced in the new 16oz can size. Now we know the answer for at least one more of the brews soon to be in cans.

Does this mean that Shift Pale Lager will be like a Bud, Coors, or Miller lager beer? Don't count on it. New Belgium doesn't have the reputation of creating macro-type beers, but it does show a "shift" in thinking, especially when you consider the size of the cans.

Shift Pale LagerNew Belgium's regular beers are more flavorful and tend to be a bit higher in ABV than the average macro beer. New Belgium doesn't normally do lagers either. Shift Pale Lager will weigh in around 4.5% ABV and allow you to easily finish off a 16oz size or two. This seems like the type of beer you can drink more of. Perhaps that is part of the plan to boost production and sell even more beer.

Time will tell what New Belgium's long term strategy will be for this beer. Do you think this beer is a step in the right direction for New Belgium? Or do you think it's just another pale lager that will soon sit side by side with the other macro lagers?

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