Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy National Growler Day December 17th

Odell Brewing GrowlerHappy National Growler Day! #growlerday - December 17th has been designated as a day to celebrate your favorite local breweries who serve up those wonderful refillable 64 ounce jugs with tasty libations. It's a day to show off your growlers!

National Growler Day was an idea started by The Beer Mapping Project last year and is happening again this year. It's an effort to celebrate the 64oz container that allows us to take home some fresh tapped brew direct from our favorite local brewery.

I'm calling out everyone to go visit your local brewery today and fill up a growler with your favorite brew and tell them thanks for brewing up all of our favorite beers. Support your local breweries!

Don't forget #growlerday December 17th
Here are some pics I've taken over the years of some of my favorite growler poured brews. Enjoy and Cheers!

New Belgium Growler Crabtree Brewing growler Two Growlers
Crabtree Growler Another Crabtree growler

And yes, I do tend to get my growlers filled with dark beer! Now granted, breweries typically recommend that you finish your growler within a day or two after they fill up your jug in order to insure that your beer is fresh. I've found that my beer has stayed fresh for about 3 days after initially opening the bottle. Anything after that and the beer tends to go flat and lose some of it's original taste. So drink up and share it with your friends this weekend, but don't forget to wash it and sanitize it first before filling. Cheers!

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