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Hunters Moon Meadery Mountain Berry Melomel review

Hunters Moon Meadery Mountain Berry MelomelThe honey bee can help produce an awesome base for a strong, yet sweet liquid treat. I'm departing from my usual beer reviews and news postings to put up a rare review of a mead, or as the TTB requires - a melomel or semi-sweet honey wine. Colorado recently gained a new meadery in Northern Colorado. Say hello to Hunters Moon Meadery, a start-up operation based in Severance, Colorado - just north and slightly west of Greeley. This review is of their 3rd product offering called: Hunters Moon Meadery Mountain Berry Melomel.

Seeing how I've only tasted mead a couple of times in my life, I'm only going to give a mead noobie's interpretation of this mead. I realize this product is far different from beer and outside of my expertise area, but since I am an avid internet follower of Hunters Moon, I thought I'd pass along my thoughts.

Hunters Moon debuted earlier this year initially with two different meads. One was Kim's Clove Metheglin and the other was their Lunar Lemon Melomel. I had previously tasted some test batches of their meads over a year ago when Greg, one of the owners, brought in some test batches over to Crabtree Brewing in Greeley. I had never tried a mead before then and was pleasantly surprised on how sweet, strong and satisfying a mead could be. I had previously purchased their Lunar Lemon Melomel and was very pleased with how that strong lemon and honey product tasted.

Just this week, around the start of December, Hunters Moon Meadery released their Mountain Berry Melomel in select stores in Northern Colorado. I got mine from Bittersweet Liquors in Greeley today. You can also find this at R.J.'s Wine & Spirits in Fort Collins. It's definitely more expensive than beer in a 375ml package, but I was willing to pay a bit extra. It comes in two sizes: 375 ml and in a 750ml size. I chose the smaller size just so I could get a taste of what this product was about.

Hunters Moon Mountain Berry Melomel is made with Wild Huckleberries and Chokecherries. The tartness of the fruit is balances by the sweet honey that is home-grown by their own bee colonies in Severance. The mead weighs in at a hefty 12% ABV - so be warned - it will sneak up on you.

Mountain Berry Melomel pours a reddish lavender color and doesn't appear to be carbonated. There is a very strong aroma of sweet berries, honey and alcohol. I was a bit surprised on how strong the alcohol was in the nose. It is definitely noticeable.

The drink itself is very sweet and fruity. The honey is well blended into a juicy and light mix, but with a noticeable kick from the higher alcohol content. I chose to drink this from a narrow fluted glass. The 375ml clear glass bottle has enough crafted beverage to satisfy two people, yet I was more than willing to try to finish this one by myself.

Mountain Berry Melomel is a very satisfying and powerful slow sipping beverage. It works well on its own, but would probably compliment a sweet dessert very well. Don't let the strong alcohol aroma fool you. This is a very easy drinking adult beverage that quickly warms your soul on a cold winter's day like today.

Now that I've had a couple of Hunters Moon meads, I'm sold on this alternative drink. I will definitely buy this mead again. If you want a change of pace from beer or wine, give mead a try. All the work those bees put in during the warm months pay off. Sure, its a bit more expensive than other beverages, but it's well worth sampling.

Hunters Moon Meadery
404 Immigrant Trail
Severance, Colorado 80550
Phone: 970-590-6059

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