Thursday, December 29, 2011

A taste of Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Tap RoomNo time spent in Loveland is complete without a visit to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, especially now that they've opened up their new expanded tap room.

Finding this place wasn't too hard, although the first brewery sign we saw that day was the old entrance to their main brewery. The sign on the door pointed across the complex to another building where their new tap room was located. It was just a short 2 minute walk from one door to the other and we were greeted to a nearly full capacity of faithful drinkers when we arrived.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse and Tap Room was very busy for a Tuesday afternoon. There was a short line up at the taps to get brews, but it didn't take long for us to get 3 sample trays and take a seat. Normally, their sampler has 5 beers, but they were fresh out of their Porter, so we sat down with 4 different beers. Luckily, other people were kind enough to share a table with our party of 3.

Grimm Brothers samplers are 4 ounces each and come in nice logo'ed glassware. The room itself was brand spanking new with freshly painted walls, a huge walk-up bar with a fancy huge flat-screen animated menu board and a nice t-shirt selection next to the cashier.

There were a lot of tables here, nearly every one were full. This was indeed a popular place that day.

Here are some brief notes on each beer starting from their lightest colored to their darkest colored. Beers are ranked from one star (*) lowest to 5 stars (*****) highest.

Sampling the Grimm Brothers brews:

The taps at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse- The Griffin - a German-style Hefeweizen - this brew was pale and cloudy. It was a nice light wheat brew, a step up than other local wheat beers I've had, classier and more traditional. Hints of citrus, clove and peppers. (***)

- Snow Drop - a Kottbusser Style Ale - A German beer that broke law an tradition by adding oats, honey and molasses and a bit more hops. This brew wasn't sweet, yet bitter. It had a different taste with honey up front and the oats and hops coming afterwards. Bitter and bready - very unique. Can't really compare it to other brews I've had. Snow Drop got better as it went along. A pale and cloudy brew. (**1/2)

- The Fearless Youth - a Munich Dunkel lager - This brew had a nice totys dark malt taste, rich without being too heavy. I loved this! Some Chocolately notes along with some breadiness. This brew calls out to be paired with a brat! Not too bitter nor sweet. One of their best standard offerings. (***1/2)

- Little Red Cap - their Gold medal winning Dusseldorf Style Alt Bier - Nice bitterness up front. Some dark roast, but the hops are the highlight here. A very good brew. Mahogany in color and fairly clear brew. (***)

- Brett Aged Bock - Specialty beer - this was a very dark brown brew but seemed to have some reddish-purple edges. A classic Brett aroma. This beer was tart and tangy. Me love!!! Semi-sweet caramel malt. Lightly sour goodness. On a sourness scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) - this brew scored a 2 puckers. This was my absolute favorite brew of all the samples! I can't seem to get away from a sour brew. (****)

Samples at Grimm Brothers- Master Thief - a German Porter - This was a late arrival to the table as they were out of this when we ordered our samplers. A very dark brown, nearly black brew. There was a strong coffee-like roast to this brew. It drank more like a stout. It was smooth, but I wouldn't want a lot of this. Tongue coating, roasty and bitter. More so than other porters I've had. OK. (**1/2)

My group took a vote and we named the Brett Aged Bock, The Griffin and Little Red Cap the best of the bunch. There were a couple other specialty brews on tap that day but we couldn't stick around to sample all of them.

One other thing of note - I just love the artwork they did for their brews. Whoever was their artist really did an outstanding job on the designs. You can see of of them in the video below.

After attending Big Beaver Brewing and Grimm Brothers back to back, we thought it had been a most enjoyable day. I will definitely had back to Grimm Brothers again very soon now that I've sampled their wares. I can see why this place was so popular.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
623 Denver Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 624-6045

Video peak inside Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Tap Room:

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