Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve Membership sees delays

Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve MembershipCrooked Stave's Cellar Reserve members just got their 1st email this week about the new Cellar Reserve Memberships that have been sold so far since memberships were available in mid-December 2011.

Crooked Stave stated that there are still several spots open in this year's membership and that they are still available for purchase online at their web site. Memberships are available for $300 and included multiple member-only beer releases plus several item items.

Chad Yakobson also announced that there will be a slight delay in getting Cellar Reserve members their first bottles as he is still in the process of finding and securing his Denver brewery location.

He plans to release all of the 2012 Cellar Reserve beers in Denver at this point. Previously, it was thought that the first couple of releases would be available at their currently facility in Fort Collins, but now this plan has changed.

This news will push back the releases of the first beer or two, most likely for several months, as setting up a brewery doesn't happen in a short window of time.

Membership cards, t-shirts, dual bottle carriers and glasses are still in the works for members as well and will be given out at the first member release.

Members were given instructions to fill out a new member information form online so that membership cards and further correspondence could be mailed to them directly to their specific addresses.

As a member of Crooked Stave's Cellar Reserve Membership, I will keep everyone updated here on the blog with other news from this effort as it becomes available.

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