Friday, January 27, 2012

Greeley police sting busts businesses for alcohol violations

Greeley PoliceNearly 1 out of 4 businesses in Greeley who sell alcohol were busted last Saturday for selling booze to minors. Almost 25%!! Are you kidding me? This shocking statistic was a big wake up call to the city of Greeley this weekend.

The Greeley Tribune reported today that during a routine sweep of businesses, they used under aged persons with their own IDs and were able to either get served alcohol or were able to buy alcohol from a store with little problem.

Greeley police checked 65 out of the 138 establishments in the town that serve or sell alcohol. The good news is that there were NO liquor stores that sold alcohol to minors, but the rest were from grocery stores, convenience stores and local restaurants.

The City of Greeley follows state law which allows businesses who were found in violation of liquor laws many chances to correct their mistakes. They may temporarily lose their right to serve alcohol for several days, but to date, not one liquor establishment in town has lost their license completely.

For one of the two current breweries in Greeley, Pitcher's Brewery and Sports Shack passed the test and did not serve alcohol to undercover minors. Greeley's other brewery, Crabtree Brewing Company was not involved in the operation.

Some of the violators included: Safeway, Olive Garden, a couple of 7-Elevens and several other restaurants.

Here's my thoughts on this: I'm really glad than none of our local liquor stores were found to be in violation. They seem to have their staffs well trained as they are one of the primary sources of liquor sources in the town.

However, it's the convenience stores and grocery stores that sell 3.2 beer that seem to have lax standards for selling alcohol to minors. And these are the places that are lobbying to the Colorado legislature to get the ability to sell full strength beer, wine and alcohol. That raises a red flag to me.

I've always been against the idea of adding full strength booze sales at grocery and convenience stores for this very reason. These stores simply don't take enough efforts to train their employees on how to prevent alcohol sales to minors.

I'd like to see only liquor stores sell full strength alcohol. They're entire livelihood is bases on alcohol sales. They can't afford to lose their license for 5 to 10 days at a time. Whereas, grocery stores and convenience stores have just a small percentage of their sales from alcohol and can afford to lose their licenses for a short period of time.

It's a shame that nearly a fourth of all businesses checked were in violation. After getting some required re-training of their employees, I hope this trend doesn't continue. Do you wonder how your town is doing on liquor violations? Hopefully, it's not as bad as they found it here in Greeley.

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