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Hunters Moon Meadery Kim's Clove Metheglin review

Hunters Moon Meadery Kim's Clove MetheglinMead is a special treat, considering how long it takes to make one. When you add spices, live clove, to a mead it is called a metheglin. Hunters Moon Meadery of Severance, Colorado has brewed their own Metheglin called - Kim's Clove Metheglin - a mead (or honeywine) made with their own home raised bee colony honey from around 40 hives and a balanced amount of clove spice.

Kim's Clove is one of three different meads that Hunters Moon currently offers at select liquor stores in Northern Colorado. Each of these meads weigh in around 12% ABV, so be careful - as mead can sneak up on you. I have previously tasted their Lunar Lemon Melomel and their Mountain Berry Melomel, but this is the first spiced mead I've tried. These meads are gluten free and have no sulfites added.

This particular metheglin comes in both a 750ml bottle and a smaller 375ml size. I happened to meet the owners of the meadery while stopping at Crabtree Brewery and they offered me a complimentary bottle of this spiced mead. (Many thanks!). Please note that while I primarily review craft beers, I will on occasion sample and review other products like hard cider and mead from time to time. This is NOT a paid review, but one that I wanted to post.

Appearance: Kim's Clove Metheglin pours a clear pale yellow and has no carbonation. Mead's like this have no head whatsoever, so don't be looking for any. It's the kind of drink that looks like a white wine or perhaps a pale apple juice.

Aroma: I was expecting another big alcohol nose in this mead, but instead got more of the honey and clove this time around. Kim from Hunters Moon stated that right after bottling this mead will have a strong alcohol nose but that tends to mellow over time. This mead had been in the bottle for a few months now so the honey started to take over the nose more dramatically. This mead smelled very sweet with a hint of clove spice. It had a very inviting aroma.

Taste: I chose to serve this metheglin very cold, but I've been told it can be served hot mixed as a hot toddy. The mead itself was medium bodied, and noticeably sweet from start to finish. The clove spice was present, but isn't over done. The result is a honey-like flavor with a side note of spice and a quickly warming sensation from the higher alcohol level. Kim's Clove was very smooth and went down easy.

Overall: I loved the fact that I could re-use the stopper in this bottle and keep the leftovers for another day. Hunters Moon told me that an opened bottle would keep refrigerated and not loose it's punch for several days after. Even after the 2nd day this mead was just as good as it was the day I opened it.

I wasn't able to finish the entire bottle in a sitting. Just one glass was more than enough to get a good buzz going, yet I was tempted to have more as it was sweet, smooth and very tempting. I'm really starting to become a mead fan and now feel compelled to try even more varieties of mead.

Lucky for me, I heard that Hunters Moon will soon offer up a couple more varieties of their meads, expanding their selection to 5 kinds. The only thing about mead is, it's more expensive than beer, primarily because it takes a lot longer to make and tends to come in small quantities. I'd suggest that once you find the mead you like best you should stock up for the long winter. Mead is a good drink for lots of occasions.

Thumbs up for Hunters Moon Kim's Clove Metheglin. I will definitely be buying more of this in the future. Hopefully soon I'll visit the meadery in Severance and see how they make this. Cheers!

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