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The Mayor of Old Town plans for a long term

The Mayor of Old Town - Ft. CollinsMove over Falling Rock - The Mayor of Old Town has taken over as beer tap king and is planning to hold office in Colorado for a very long time.

Even though The Mayor of Old Town has only been open for less than a year, the beer bar and restaurant at 632 S. Mason Street in Fort Collins, Colorado has already made a big name for itself as one of Draft Magazine's 100 Best Beer Bars in America for 2012.

Owner's Kevin & Barb Bolin spent several years traveling around to some of the best beer destinations around the country and got inspired to open up their own place. They wanted to offer customers a taste of some of the best available beers from not only here in Colorado, but also from around the world. Their fascination with great beer led them to set up a tap house and restaurant with a huge wall with 100 different beer selections on tap, 5 of which are nitro taps.

Add to that a beer cooler with over 35 other beers in bottles (I counted 62 different labels that day) and a wonderful food menu of gourmet sandwiches, oven baked pizza and local coffees based on the Red Table Cafe and they've got the complete food and beverage combo. They even serve breakfast items all day long.

They have an extensive beer glass supply suited to match every style of beer and a huge projection screen beer selection "scoreboard" above the tap lines that is updated instantly whenever a new beer goes on tap. Favorites are highlighted next to select beers on the board to let customers know of special offerings.

Kevin was kind enough to introduce his staff, including Michelle Peth, their bar manager who is in charge of ensuring that all 100 taps keep flowing. When asked what criteria she used to select beers for The Mayor of Old Town, she stated that beers are selected based upon variety, availability and seasonality. She chooses the best beers she can get here locally and ones that add variety for the season.
Taps at The Mayor of Old Town

Keeping 100 beer taps working at the same time is no easy task. Kevin showed off his beer cooler in the building's basement. It's massive too as you can imagine. It's about the size of a full tracker trailer and can store just over 160+ kegs of beer. There were seemingly miles of highly organized tubes running from the cooler up to the taps upstairs.

The lines are kept cold using an in-house glycol system and each tap line is electronically monitored by a state of the art tap system. They know instantly the temperature, the pressure, how much beer has flowed from every line in the bar. It was an amazing site to see - plus it was all kept spotless. All their tap lines are thoroughly cleaned after each keg is drained. Keeping fresh beer tasting great is a high priority at the Mayor's.

The Mayor of Old TownBusiness has been very good so far since their opening. On certain nights, normally around the weekends, you can find a line waiting outside the door to get in. During the visit on an early Saturday afternoon, the place was nearly full already.

The food menu is quite extensive. I chose to try their "BBQ for You" pizza. It was served on a black tray that resembled an artists paint palate. I asked one of the wait staff what was one of the most popular food items on the menu and was told that their Jalapeno & Cream Cheese Pretzel was a fan favorite. It looked like a huge German-style pretzel and had a cream cheese filling and is served warm with jalapeno jelly.

The Bolin's did a great job in converting the stone-faced building from an old furniture store into one of the town's biggest beer attractions (besides the breweries themselves). They are planning to open up a new outdoor patio in March on the north side of the building and will have enough seating for an additional 42 customers. The patio will be open year-round weather permitting.

Also in the works are The Mayor's own hosted brewery tours. They plan to have regular tours daily with their own bus that will pick up and drop off patrons right outside the Mayor's building on South Mason Street.

Bottled beer selectionThere's even entertainment and beer clubs held regularly at The Mayor of Old Town. Mondays nights are the Gary Brewsey Men's Beer Club at 5:30pm, followed by alternating weeks of "Battle of the Beers", where two similar style beers go head to head in a competition decided by patrons. Tuesday nights host the Beer Betty's Ladies Beer Club at 6:00pm. You can usually find live comedy being hosted on Wednesday nights around 8:00pm.

On Thursday nights from 7:00pm to 11:00pm they host an Open Mic Night where patrons can sign up to perform for the crowd. The weekends are always busy. They recommend you get their early to get a seat.

Fans of The Mayor of Old Town can now follow what's new on tap via Twitter. Whenever a new keg is tapped at the Mayor you see a new tweet sent out automatically! They also have an extensive following on Facebook as well. Give them a Like!

The Mayor of Old Town
632 S. Mason Street
Fort Collins, CO 80534
(970) 682-2410
Email: contact [at]

Picture gallery:
The tap wall and scoreboard It's always busy at The Mayor of Old Town Pizza and beer go well together

Video selections from The Mayor of Old Town:

Inside the beer cooler at The Mayor of Old Town.

The tap wall and scoreboard at The Mayor of Old Town.

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