Monday, February 27, 2012

Dry Dock Hefeweizen review

Dry Dock HefeweizenDry Dock Brewing Company is no stranger to awards. In fact this beer has won at least one award in each of the last 3 years including a GABF Gold Medal in 2011 and a Colorado State Fair Best of Show 2011. This beer is none other than Dry Dock Hefeweizen.

This is one of several beers that Dry Dock now puts into 22oz bottles. Dry Dock Hefeweizen weighs in at a sessionable 4.3% ABV and has a low 12 IBU rating for bitterness. If this was ever a candidate for enjoying more than one of during a session I don't think you could go wrong.

I am normally skeptical about trying new wheat beers as I've seen a wide variety of quality of this style and have been disappointed by others in the past. Would this beer live up to their recent awards? I wanted to find out.

Appearance: Dry Dock Hefeweizen poured a classic straw yellow with a full bright white head. There was a nice silk lacing that remained around the edges of the glass when swirled. The brew itself is cloudy as expected from an unfiltered wheat beer.

Aroma: I've grown to like the smell of a wheat beer, particularly in German-style hefeweizens. This brew had the aroma of grass and banana with a hint of clove-like spice. Even when cold, this beer's aroma reminded me of the beers I've had in the warmer months.

Taste: I poured this brew cold, right out of the fridge. It was light in body with a smooth creamy finish. It had just a touch of sweetness added to the wheaty brew. In this style, there wasn't any sourness, but rather it was very easy drinking. The wheat and the yeast took center stage. It was refreshing and had just enough bitterness to balance out the hint of sweetness.

Overall: I can see why this brew won medals for 3 years straight. It's a highly sessionable easy-going drink. It could easily be my lawnmower beverage. In the wintertime like it is now, it would even make a great snowblower beer. I could easily drink a few of these beers without feeling too buzzed.

If in my past I had avoided wheat beers, I probably would have enjoyed this style much earlier if I had started out with this one. Dry Dock did an exceptional job making a beer that most everyone could appreciate.

Disclosure: This beer was given to me as a gift by Dry Dock Brewing during a recent tour in February 2012, however, this was not a paid endorsement of the product, rather a fulfillment of a promise to give this beer a timely review. The normal retail price was approximately $5.50.

Video showing the pour of Dry Dock Hefeweizen :

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