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Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Brett Bock review

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Brett BockSpecialty beers and those that are tap room only are hard to review in a crowded taproom. That's why I enjoy taking beer home in a growler and I was lucky enough to get a growler of a taproom only brew - Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Brett Bock - a "Fables of the moment" beer from Grimm Brothers in Loveland.

I'm going to be on a Grimm Brothers kick for a while as I stocked up with several different beers during a recent trip to their taproom. Normally, this brett aged bock isn't available in a growler due to it's limited availability, but I talked Aaron Heaton, business manager of Grimm Brothers, into letting me bring one home and was equally surprised that he donated this growler to me out of the goodness of his heart. (And no, this isn't a paid review). He probably knew I'd write about it anyway and I was already a fan of this beer from a previous visit to the brewery.

While there isn't much written up about this brew on their website, I do know it was aged in wine barrels for an entire year along with a generous portion of Brettanomyces yeast that turned this Bock beer into a sour specialty. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite specialty beers at Grimm Brothers and it was begging for a more formal review. I don't know the exact ABV rating of this beer but one of the patrons told me it was probably between 5% and 6% ABV.

This beer isn't offered in bottles (yet) and is typically only available on tap at their taproom for a limited time and perhaps also at a few special client businesses. This beer has been available for 2 or more months.

Appearance: This Brett Bock poured a very dark brown with some purplish mahogany edges. It was too dark to see through in my small tulip glass. Being from a growler that had sat for over a day, it had just a bit of carbonation and had just a minimal light tan head that quickly disappeared. Even fresh off the tap this brew doesn't have a head, but I think that is by design.

Aroma: This brew had a classic sour nose that was slightly acidic. Aside from the brett, there was some tart malt base I could pick up in the nose. As a sour beer fan, this is the smell I've come to expect in a barrel aged brett beer. The wine barrel also added a hint of the grape in the background as well. To me, it's funkiness was very inviting. Others may find they smell a hint of vinegar in the brew, but that's to be expected.

Taste: This beer is sour enough that I got a bit of a puckering sensation in my mouth. The brett is very noticeable in this brew and it's a bit sweet, yet with a medium to high amount of sourness involved. I was drawn to this taste almost immediately. I enjoy this beer slightly more on the cold side than after it warms. This is a tart brew that reminds me of dark fruits, and the dark malts play second fiddle here. I could pick up a hint of wine barrel in this brew, an earthy taste that's semi-sweet, yet bitter and sour all at the same time. Yes, it is hard to describe how this sour beer really tastes. What I can say is that this beer's taste didn't remind me of a bock at all but rather more of a Flanders brown.

Overall: Back a couple of months ago when I first tasted this as part of several samplings, this beer had really stuck out as a favorite in my book. Upon my next visit, I ordered a full glass of this and then got a full growler of it to take home. I really do enjoy this sour ale and am quite sure I'd order it again many times when I visit Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

Some sour beers lack the tartness and balanced acidic quality, but Grimm Brothers delivered on this beer. If you are a sour fan like me I believe this one will be one of your favorites at Grimm. Drink this one cold and you won't be disappointed.

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