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Grimm Brothers Brewhouse The Count Imperial Stout review

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse The Count Imperial StoutWhenever I hear about a local imperial stout release I just have to jump on it! On February 18th, 2012, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland Colorado released the next in their expanding Fabled Series of beers - The Count, a barrel aged Imperial Stout and I was lucky enough to be there to get my allotment of bottles. The Count is actually one of the 1st brews that Grimm Brothers came up with and won several medals for before they went pro and opened their brewery. It's a beefed up version of their Master Thief porter only with a lot more malt and aged for 9 months in a Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel.

The barrels they used actually had at least a pint of bourbon still inside when they obtained the barrels. They made sure that the wood was still wet with actual bourbon when they filled them up with this brew. And this isn't any lightweight, The Count weighs in at over 11.5% ABV, and may even be a bit higher than that.

Every person who showed up were limited to 6 of the 22oz bomber bottles for purchase at around $13 and change. Around 1200 bottles were made with about 100 of those going to the brewery and it's employees. This is a bottle-only release, meaning that you won't see it on tap anywhere, at least not for this year's release. After the release party, the remaining bottles will be sold on site and also at stores in Northern Colorado that stock Grimm Brothers brews.

Appearance: I swear, when I poured this beer into the glass it was jet black and had a very thick viscosity, more than I've seen in most other imperial stouts. I had let the bottle sit out for a while as it was very cold, yet when I poured the brew, it was still very cold and didn't raise much of a head. But the head that did show up was nearly dark brown. It had a slippery lacing and didn't stick much to the glass.

Aroma: Oh my yes - bourbon! I couldn't help but smell the bourbon barrel in this beer. It had a rich, malty aroma, with plenty of bourbon and hints of vanilla from the wood as well as a roasty molasses like scent. This is the kind of beer that got even better and richer as it started warming up. I didn't get much chocolate or coffee, but this had a "no doubt about it" smell of a big imperial stout. Yes! (can you tell I love imperial stouts?)

Grimm Brothers The Count bottlesTaste: The Count is a thick and rich stout. It covered my tongue with a big roasted malty taste that coated everything. Thick is the word here and the power of the alcohol is right up front. The bourbon taste was perceptible, but wasn't overpowering. There was a underlying sweetness present as well in this beer that made me categorize this beer as a good pairing for desserts, especially chocolate.

If you like your imperial stouts with a noticeable sweet roasty malt and a strong kick, then you're gonna love this Grimm Brothers special beer. It started warming me up from the inside within the few few sips. It's the kind of brew that you could probably have just 4 to 6 ounces of and feel like it still hit you with plenty. A 22oz bottle should be enough to split with 2, 3 or 4 people, or if you're daring and don't have to drive home, a full pint will make it a great evening for yourself.

Overall: Oh my, I'm going to enjoy the rest of the evening curled up with this big brew. Grimm Brothers is going to have a hit on their hands. I'm glad I brought home 5 bottles of this. I'm going to share them for special occasions and age 1 or 2 for a several more months. I'm anxious to see how it would taste after a year (but I doubt they will last that long as they are good right now).

I'm giving this brew a big 5-star rating in my book. One of the best I've had in a long time. It had the right amount of sweet malt, bitterness, bourbon barrel and punch. Just what I was hoping it would be.

Video showing the pour of The Count :

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