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Hunters Moon Meadery Sweet Mountain Berry review

Hunters Moon Meadery Sweet Mountain BerryA good salesman knows that in many cases when you give out a free sample you'll get people coming back for more. And this is exactly what happened to me with this mead. The subject for this review is another from Hunters Moon Meadery of Severance Colorado called: Hunters Moon Meadery Sweet Mountain Berry. This is a honey wine with natural fruit flavor added.

I was attending a monthly meeting of the Treehouse Homebrew Club on the first Monday of February at Crabtree Brewing in Greeley. Greg, one of the owners of Hunters Moon was in attendance. He is also a member of the homebrew club. The club was having a homebrew sharing event. Greg had brought in a bottle of this mead to share. I had just a small taste at the meeting, but I knew I'd want to get more after that.

Hunters Moon products are only sold in three locations in Northern Colorado: 1 in Fort Collins, 1 in Greeley and one in Estes Park. The only other place to get their meads is at the meadery itself in Severance. Lucky for me, this mead is sold at my favorite store in Greeley - Bittersweet Liquors.

Appearance: Sweet Mountain Berry appeared a reddish-orange color. It wasn't carbonated, left no head and was for the most part clear with little to no haze. It reminded me of a glass of wine at first glance.

Aroma: The aroma is perhaps one of this drink's more notable quality. As with most of their meads, there is a strong honey aroma only with a bonus of a fruity bouquet as well. While it's hard to describe, if you've ever smelled a wild huckleberry or chokecherry then you'll have an idea of what I picked up on the side with this mead. I could also pick up on the alcohol heat in the nose as well. Curiously inviting.

Taste: This mead was very sweet indeed and very smooth. The berries added an extra dose of drinkability to this honey mead. It was highly sweet, but not tart. It's so easy drinking you should be warned not to drink it too fast as the alcohol warmth will quickly sneak up on you. This type of beverage is one to sip slowly and enjoy. At 12% ABV, a 375ml bottle could be easily shared by two people as a good choice for a dessert or after dinner drink.

Overall: This is a similar recipe to their Mountain Berry Melomel only it was lighter in color and a touch sweeter in taste. I was afraid that it might be a bit too sweet based on its smell, but it was remarkably smooth, tasty and very enjoyable.

Silver Medal 2012 Mazer CupIf you're looking for a change of pace from beer and want to give your friend or significant other (or even yourself) a special treat, try this mead. Drink it cold, sip slowly and enjoy! I certainly did.

Disclosure: I bought this at a liquor store at a Valentine discount of $9.99.

Update 3/5/2012: During the recent 2012 Mazer Cup Internation competition, Hunters Moon Meadery's Sweet Mountain Berry won a silver medal for this mead in the "Other Fruit/Vegetable Melomel" category. Grats on this award winning mead! (Medal picture courtesy Hunters Moon Meadery)

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