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A visit to Pateros Creek Brewing Company

Pateros Creek Brewing CompanyWith over 130 breweries in the state of Colorado, I can see why it would take a long time to visit each one. Despite their closeness, it's taken me until now to finally visit Pateros Creek Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Pateros Creek Brewing Company announced their intentions to open back in 2009 and opened their doors for business in the Summer of 2011. Their brewery and taproom are tucked away on the north end of Old Town in Fort Collins at 242 N. College Avenue. It's easy to spot on College if you look for their green roof and big white sign on the east side of College Avenue.

I was in town last weekend and decided that I had plenty of time to wander over for a visit. I had been really wanting to visit them ever since they opened. The brewery has a relatively small taproom. On a mid-Saturday afternoon on a sunny warm winter day, they had 6 patrons in the place. There are about 4 small tables and a seats at the serving bar and enough room for 15 to 20 folks to hang out.

Pateros Creek TapsAt the bar, they had 8 beers on tap, a nitro tap and a special Outlaw tap for one of a kind weekly batches they are highlighting. They had patrons coming in and out asking for growler fills constantly while I was there.

I was curious to try their brews so I ordered up a taster flight of their flagship beers. These were: Old Town Ale, Stimulator Pale Ale, Cache La Porter and Car 21. Here are some notes I took on each.

Old Town Ale (4.4% ABV / 22 IBU) - This brew is a German Cologne-style K├Âlsch. It was light yellow to golden in color. It was light bodied, cold and refreshing and very easy drinking. Crisp and nice.

Stimulator Pale Ale (5.5% ABV / 48 IBU) - This brew is made with 25% rye malts. It's similar in color to Olde Town Ale, perhaps just a tad more golden. This one was noticeably more hazy. The rye spice was mild, a bit hoppier and bolder. More bitter than sweet. A decent brew. Hoppiest of the 4 beers I sampled. Decent.

Cache La Porter (5.0% ABV / 24 IBU) - This one is probably their best seller and rightfully so. This one was a nice dark brown color. A real nice roasty beer with hints of chocolate and coffee. This was an awesome porter and my favorite of the taster set.

Pateros Creek taster flightCar 21 (4.5% ABV / 28 IBU) - This was an ESB and had a rusty dark red color / light brown color. This brew was mild and light bodied and just mildly bitter. The bitterness in this style can range from bold to mild and this one favored the lighter side. Another decent brew.

I was told by one of the other patrons there that I had to try their Snowy River and so I opted to one of their $2 samples.

Snowy River - This brew is a Vanilla Chache La Porter. Wow, what a nice vanilla aroma on this brew - very inviting! It reminded me of home made vanilla ice cream. There was a subtle, but noticeable vanilla taste. It was very, very smooth. The taste is a bit less roasty, but the aroma and vanilla taste made this one special brew. Loved it!

Pateros Creek also had a Rustic Red and an Outlaw tap of a hopped up Car 21, but I didn't have time to try those out when I spotted Steve Jones, owner and brewer, check into the brewery. He had just gotten back from Denver being a guest on the new Colorado Craft Beer Show on AM 760 radio in Denver. I had in fact listened to him on the radio while I was driving over to Fort Collins from Greeley.

Steve introduced himself and was gracious to offer me a personal tour of his brewhouse. He got his start as most brewers do getting to know the craft in homebrew clubs like the Liquid Poets in Fort Collins.

Pateros Creek brewhouseInside the brewhouse, Steve had a couple of 10 barrel kettles for making beer and a couple of 15 barrel fermenters as well. Off to the side was a cold room where he had a couple of brite tanks and several kegs in storage. He brews several times a week and still has room enough in his brewhouse to expand with several more fermenters, at least for now.

Steve stated that they plan to use Mobile Canning LLC of Longmont later this year to put two of their beers (Cache La Porter and Car 21) into 16oz tallboy cans. Look for that to happen around summertime. With the success that Crabtree Brewing has had with Mobile Canning, he felt he was willing to try that out and get more of his products on the local shelves.

Pateros Creek is a nice small neighborhood size brewery. They have a loyal following and have hopes for growing even bigger in the future. Cheers to Fort Collins beers!

Pateros Creek Brewing Company Pateros Creek outdoor patio Pateros Creek signboard

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