Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craft Beer Lovers Call to Action - Beer America

Beer AmericaOskar Blues sent out a letter today to their entire craft beer family - which includes you. They want you to know about: "a well censored/uncensored trailer for a TV show idea revolving around the passion for craft beer that we all share. We’re looking to create an underground response to this posted video to exemplify the culture and power craft beer has in American today. Although Oskar Blues Brewery is featured in this trailer episode this is an opportunity for all Craft Beer to share our collective stories and passion with more beer drinkers. Please take a look at the article and video thereon and share it with your peeps (Website and Social Media info below). Plus, we think you’ll laugh your ass off and enjoy it. Cheers."

Beer America is the eight-part series featuring 6 breweries located in 6 regions of the United States. They’re in search of the brew that just might win big at The Great American Beer Festival in 2012.

In each hour-long episode of Beer America they’ll introduce one of the craft breweries that will be competing at the Great American Beer Festival in September 2012. These breweries will come in all shapes and sizes and from different regions across the United States. They’ll explore the history behind each brewery and introduce the unique and outrageous characters that make up their brew crew. Each region of the country is unique, and because of that, their stories and the beer styles they create are vastly different. They’ll see how these breweries got started, hear about their one of a kind specialty beers and highlight the cool ways they contributing to the growth of the communities they live in. They’ll also witness each brewery creating the beer that that just might be the next medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this fall.

Beer America is an insiders guide to the culture, science, unique characters, and competition of beer! Every episode will feature the growing passion and movement that is American Craft beer. It’s local, it’s regional, and it’s America… Beer America!

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