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Grimm Brothers The Fearless Youth review

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse The Fearless YouthGrimm Brothers may have only been open for about a year, but already they are attracting a lot of attention from Northern Colorado fans. One of the favorites at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is their German-style Munich Dunkel called Grimm Brothers The Fearless Youth. It's a darker brew weighing in around 5.3% ABV.

Grimm Brothers only distributes around the cities of Northern Colorado. You can't (yet) get this beer down in Denver or points south. The brewers told me that they would gladly sell beer to a Denver location should they want to come up to Loveland, Colorado and pick up some bottles or kegs, but for now, they are happy just to cater to the bars, restaurants and liquor stores around Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley.

I have long been a fan of Dunkel style beers. During my occasional business trips I take near Cincinnati, Ohio - I like to eat at the Hoffbrau House across the river in Kentucky and the Dunkel is the beer I go for first. Since I've already sampled this beer back in December and enjoyed it, I was eager to open up a full bottle and give The Fearless Youth a full review.

Appearance: The Fearless Youth poured out a dark reddish brown color. When held up to a light I could easily see through the beer. It had good clarity with no visible haze or sediment in the glass. There was a nice multi-finger tall light tan head that rose in the glass. There wasn't much lacing however as most of the film slid right off the sides after swirling. The beer seemed to be adequately carbonated and opened with a nice hiss.

Aroma: The nose on this Grimm Brothers beer was full of German hops with hints of roasted sweet malts. It was a very inviting aroma. The alcohol in the whiff was barely noticeable.

Taste: Start to finish, this was a very smooth tasting Dunkel. I loved the light chocolate flavor in the beer and the bitterness, while on the lower end of the scale, was modest yet balanced. It's hard to remember that this beer is a lagered beverage. It had great body, a light roast, a hint of breadiness and a creamy smoothness that lasted the entire tasting. One of their best beers in my opinion.

Overall: This was one of my favorites during my initial visit to the Grimm Brothers Brewhouse tap room. Beside their Brett Bock, this one is my favorite beers from this brewery. It's very easy drinking, has a nice light chocolate malt taste and has just enough bitterness to cover the sweet malts.

I certainly hope they keep producing this Dunkel I'm really digging this beer. It was a darker brew that tasted great both cold and slightly warmed up. Now I just want to cook up a few brats to eat with The Fearless Youth. It's a beer I could drink year-round despite it's darker color.

Disclosure: I paid full retail price for this 22oz bottle and bought it directly from the Grimm Brothers tasting room.

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