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Sun King Osiris Pale Ale review

Sun King Osiris Pale AleWhen a Midwest brewery produces a West Coast style pale ale, it must be a popular style. Sun King Brewing Company of Indianapolis has put out just such an ale in a tall can and call it their Sun King Osiris Pale Ale.

This beer is billed as "an assertively hopped west coast style pale ale. Every aspect of this beer is designed to showcase the hops without overpower your taste buds". Osiris weighs in at 5.6% ABV, sessionable, and has a solid 50 IBU hoppiness. This beer is one of their standard "House" beers and is available in 16oz cans or on draft in the Midwest year-round.

This is one of four Sun King beers that Fermentedly Challenged is reviewing. This beer's recipes also acts as the base of their Isis Double IPA. This beer is designed to be highly drinkable and something that you can easily port along on your outdoor activities. I happened to sample this on a nice warm Spring day and I was anxious to taste this.

Appearance: Sun King Osiris Pale Ale poured a nice bright copper color and had a healthy off-white head. The head seemed to last a good long time and it left a nice clingy lacing on the glass. The beer itself was very clear with no haze and seemed well carbonated.

Aroma: Osiris had a very pleasant hop aroma with plenty of tropical citrus (grapefruit like), some sweet malts, breadiness and pine. The can did a great job of keeping this beer fresh smelling. The added hops had a bit of spice in the nose as well.

Taste: I drank this beer fairly cold. It felt refreshing after several sips. The brew had an excellent mix of biscuity malt and bitterness. The IBU level seemed a great match for the malts. I tasted some sticky resin along with a slightly sweet malt base. The beer was smooth going down and even "burped" well, meaning the aromas and taste were complimented after a good burp.

Overall: Osiris was very sessionable, easy drinking and and smooth. This pale ale had plenty of hops, but stopped short of being a strong-type of IPA. Hops lovers will like this beer due to how sessionable it is while having a full hop experience.

I must admit, I liked this beer better than I thought I would. Sun King didn't disappoint on it's staple year-round beer. I can see why they make it available year round. Compared to it's double batch, Isis, this is even more drinkable and scales back the bitterness quite a bit. Both Osiris and Isis were well made.

It's too bad Sun King doesn't (yet) distribute out here to Colorado as they could probably take up a good amount of shelf space based on taste alone. Nice work Sun King, I'm definitely a fan and I look forward to having more of this later this Summer during one of my upcoming trips back to the Midwest.

Disclosure: This beer was given to me in a big sampler pack free from the brewery itself. I was not paid for this review.

Video showing the pour of Sun King Osiris Pale Ale :

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